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Review: The Other Daughter by Shalini Boland

Nine years ago her daughter was taken. And now she’s back.

November 5, 2019 · 9 Comments

Review: The Ex-Girlfriend by Nicola Moriarty

And can Georgia trust anyone at all?

October 31, 2019 · 7 Comments

Review: The Patient by Steena Holmes

Danielle believes that there’s still a secret one patient has yet to share.

October 17, 2019 · 16 Comments

Review: This Little Dark Place by A.S. Hatch

How well do you know yourself?

October 10, 2019 · 20 Comments

Review: The Antenatal Group by Amy Miller @bookouture

When Mel’s boyfriend dumps her weeks before she is due to give birth, she’s not just coping with heartbreak – she’s also facing parenthood alone. What does she know about bringing up a baby solo? And who’s going to be there for her if it all goes wrong?

October 4, 2019 · 8 Comments

Review: Here to Stay by Mark Edward

Gemma Robinson comes into Elliot’s life like a whirlwind, and they marry and settle into his home. When she asks him if her parents can come to stay for a couple of weeks, he is keen to oblige – he just doesn’t quite know what he’s signing up for.

September 30, 2019 · 14 Comments

Review: The Liar’s Sister by Sarah A. Denzil

Ten years ago, a boy named Samuel Murray went missing from the quiet village of Buckthorpe and was never seen again.

September 26, 2019 · 10 Comments