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A Sanguine Excogitating


I am a sanguine!

I have always been a very optimistic person. Yesterday, I was researching on the four temperaments and I found out the reason behind my optimism is actually that; I am a sanguine. It’s funny how finding out something so seemingly mundane can have such a great impact on a person. It’s like finally finding out the answer to the old age question “who am I?” or “why do I do the things that I do”.

I am a Sanguine!

As it is always the case, hearing someone describe you in negative light is not always pleasant. The initial reaction is always defense.  This is what I underwent as I read more on sanguine personalities. For instance, one of the characteristics of a sanguine is that they are attention seekers and are always trying to catch people’s attention. Well I wouldn’t describe myself as an attention seeker, but if I am completely honest with myself, maybe I am. That may explain why I dress the way I do, I thought it was uniqueness but then again, why do we seek to be unique, it is because we do want to stand out.

Another unflattering characteristic of a sanguine is that they tend to exaggerate. I can’t even argue with this one because God knows I can spin a tale! I am one of the people who don’t have cuts or bruises, we have injuries and accidents!  It’s no coincidence that the next characteristic of a sanguine is that they are “talkative. I can relate to that too. I always have something to say about everything. I would refer to it as being “interesting”. Talkative tends to infer to the inability to shut up.

Apparently, sanguine are quick to anger, naïve, complain a lot and speak loudly. Wow, too much hate there, I have no idea what they are talking about now. I refuse to describe myself in those words! It is also said that sanguine may be too talkative at work; they tend to gossip and forget work due to this. Once again, I know not, what this means. I enjoy a good chat just as much as anyone else. I also like to be “informed” so I enjoy a good gossip now and then, nothing wrong with that. Sanguine are also described as being forgetful, mmmh.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good gossip anyway?

On the flipside, there are many great attributes, maybe I should say, good attributes of a sanguine. We are said to be very friendly and approachable. That’s definitely a plus in life! Apparently, research shows that we also happen to be inspiring, I don’t know about that though! I am yet to meet a soul that I have inspired. Apparently, we also happen to be relationship oriented. I am not even sure what that means though, so I’ll get back to that much later. It is also said that sanguine genuinely like people. That I can relate to. I don’t hate anyone. Not even those who have wronged me. I always try to find good qualities in people; I guess being a sanguine can do that to a person.

Optimism is said to be sanguine main characteristics. It is said that a sanguine is always able to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Well that has some truth in it. Even in the darkest days, I pull myself out of the “self-pity” hole and manage to look beyond. However, it is also said that being a sanguine can mean that one loses the ability of being realistic. Mmmh.. We just can’t win, can we? I don’t see what’s wrong in being able to create a separate world where the sun is always shining and the birds are always singing or in my case, a world filled with chocolate, shoes and good old school music. Call it being unrealistic, I call it learning how to survive and weather the storms of life.

Sarcasm is said to be a common characteristic of a sanguine. This I can’t even argue with. Sarcasm to me means being witty, not a low form of wit by the way, but a language in which the intellectuals converse in haha, if you don’t get it, you just don’t. My sarcasm used to get me into trouble a lot in Campus, guess people just didn’t get it, or maybe, it’s just a sanguine thing. A sanguine is also said to be a naturally curious person. I can relate to this. I spend a lot of time carrying out research. I am always “Googling” things or looking up a new random word in the dictionary. Curiosity is a good thing, I would say but then again, it can get one into trouble; that I can attest to.

It is said that sanguine people generally tend to be the life of the party. To some extent, I can agree in that. I can be that person as long as I manage to stay awake during the party. I am always teased about my ducking ability especially in house parties. Half of the time, I am in a bedroom sleeping of course, the other half, I make appearances at the party, dancing like it’s going out of style and screaming my lungs out, damn, maybe I am an attention seeker. Mmmhh whoever came up with these temperaments is really good!

Dancing like its going out of style!

A sanguine is also bound to be impulsive. That may explain my spending habits and the ridiculous number of shoes and art that I own. We are also said to be pleasure-seekers and experimental. I see a lot of that in myself, I believe in trying everything at least once. That puts my morals into question but hey, YOLO!

The best description of a sanguine is that they are creative and daydream a lot. They tend to like professions that allow them to explore their creative abilities. As an aspiring writer, this personally resonated with me. It is what had I convinced that I had found the right temperament that captures who I am.

The most interesting part of my research was on “how to keep a sanguine happy”. Apparently, you have to ensure that you give them your attention, show them more acceptance than rejection, maintain plenty of social interactions with them, give them jobs that allow a lot of personal contact, give them plenty to do, praise and honor them for their achievements, and give them plenty of physical contact.

If you are curious about your personality, you should read on the four temperaments. You will learn a lot about yourself and also you may get an insight about the people around you.

Wow! I do talk a lot, first entry and am 1000 words in, clear indication that more rumblings are on the way! Anyway, bear with me, I am a sanguine!


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