I once knew a tall handsome man called Malik Roba. He used to be a very good friend of mine, actually he still is. Malik was one of those men who you could always count on. No matter what you were going through, Malik always had the right words to say. Wise man, Malik definitely was. It was because of this man that I grew fond of the name Malik. Interestingly enough, I didn’t know anyone else by that name.

However, this year another Malik came into my life. This Malik is like my own family although I am yet to meet him. He is a special little Malik, a king to be exact. He was brought into my life by my best friend and his girlfriend. This year the world welcomes little Malik who I wish nothing but the best in life.

I hereby raise my glass to Peter and Viola on the birth of their son, Malik. I pray that peace, joy and love will always be part of their lives.

Long live king Malik!

5 thoughts on “Malik

  1. ths is so awsme, I rili appreciate it D n it means a world to me the way u feelin abt me n ma family n u always family, thnx a milli

    1. You are welcome Malik, interestingly, just read the first paragraph and seems that nothing has changed, you still are someone i can count on 🙂 All the best and blessings in all you do as you continue to touch other people’s lives 🙂

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