If I die today well it will be a big shame. This is not because of what I am yet to accomplish in terms of huge goals or what I haven’t yet said or done, it is about the finality of the fact that there will be no tomorrow for me. I live for tomorrow, hell right now I am already thinking about all the things that I will do tomorrow.  These are actually things that I can do right now. I can get my article done today but maybe tomorrow ill be more inspired. As a matter of fact, tomorrow ill even wake up early to do it. I will be so serious and ill get some writing done. Today let me read Miguna Miguna’s book and just get a feel of how writers get things done. Hell, I may even get a better grip of English by reading this book. This is more important that actually writing. It prepares me for tomorrow. It will definitely help me become a better writer tomorrow.

This year I bought my fridge. I was happy and I had big plans for this big cold box. The first thing I did was to buy frozen foods and ice-cream. Wow! I was able to save so much money and also eat well all thanks to my fridge. However, with the improved diet, my ham sandwiches, assorted snacks and ice-cream, the weight then came. I swear it tip-toed! I never even felt in creeping in. One day, I looked into the mirror and there it was! For the first time in my life, I had love handles and they were hideous! My lower back, butterfly tattoo (tramp stamp) was almost hidden by the rolls of fat.

I will start working out soon; I need to get rid of the love handles. I will start doing it soon. After all, I do have my Yoga and aerobics tapes. I even got “the biggest loser” weight loss video. I also have a lot of research material on weight loss. I will set aside a time and place to work out and I will do it with everything that I have. Someday, watch me! I will actually start working out. Not today though, I still have a few TV shows to watch, a book to read. I also feel like I should be resting my body and mind so working out? Definitely not today!

I have a book, it’s amazing. Actually I have two books. One book is about the secret to happiness. It is a wonderful book. It has all the tips that any woman would need to live a happier and more fulfilling life. In this book, there tools shared about how to unlock happiness. One such tool is the gratitude journal that is supposed to help us become more grateful. I need to start using these tools. I have been using this book on and off now but I have never been serious about it. I need to get all serious now. I will start reading the books come next week, probably on Monday. I will do it. The second book is “fascinating secrets of womanhood”. I enjoy reading this book; I am almost 6 chapters in even though I have been reading for over a year now. Anyway, once I complete the juicy Miguna Miguna book (that man can hate!) I will read this book.

I am organizing a get together for my girlfriends. We haven’t seen each other in a while and so having them around together will be awesome. In addition, Jules is having twins soon. We need to catch up. I need to communicate with the girls and let them know when we will meet. This is going to be so much fun. I will send those messages and we can start making plans. I will definitely top up my phone with enough credit then call everyone. I can’t wait. I would have called them now but I don’t have enough credit and I want to use up what I have now before topping up. However, soon, hell maybe even tomorrow, I will call them.

I have to start taking care of my feet. I have some few scrubs and lanolin oil, I will start washing my feet more carefully now. I need to get rid of the dead skin. This I will definitely start doing soon. Not now though since it’s very cold. It would be better that if I start doing it when it gets warmer. Putting your feet in water can get you sick you know. You may just catch a cold in this weather.

I also need to sort out my shoes and get rid of the pairs that I do not wear anymore. I own over 100 pairs of shoes and only wear about 20 pairs. The remaining 80 pairs are just taking up space in my closet. I will get rid of them soon, maybe even this weekend. I will get some nice music playing and then get to work. I can picture juts how many pairs ill get done with when I start cleaning up. All this I will definitely do soon. I mean, I could do it today but then again, ill get home exhausted so it’s better to schedule a specific time to do them.

Someday, I will get my articles done and ill start sending out my query letters. I will even get my blog up and running. Someday, I will start working out and lose some of that belly fat and love handles, my clothes may just start fitting me again. Someday, I will get serious about reading “Secrets of fascinating woman hood” and I will also get started on carrying out the tasks outlined in my happiness journey book. Someday, I hope soon, I will get serious about organizing my girlfriends’ reunion. I will call everyone; agree on the date and time and also on the activities to be carried out. Someday, I will start taking better care of my feet and treat them better. I will also get my shoes sorted out, someday.

If I die today, I will sadly die without ever having my blog set up or having any articles published. Now that’s a writer’s nightmare. I do not even deserve that title, writer. I will also die with a lot of extra fat that I could have gotten rid off. I will leave behind two great books that contain a wealth of knowledge that could be helpful to me. I will also die without seeing my girlfriends again or even talking to them one last time. After my death, people will wonder what to do with my 100 pairs of shoes, a number of which I am yet to wear. In addition, I will die with my feet looking a mess with a lot of dead skin.

I need to stop procrastinating. I need to kick this detrimental habit someday before I run out of tomorrows!

19 thoughts on “Someday…

      1. Thanks Hellen, u r really giving me syk and am so encouraged. Hearing that my writing is relatable is one of the best compliments ever:-))))

  1. Thank you Betty. I am truly humbled by your comment and the fact that you read this:-) I appreciate the encouragement:-)

  2. Hey D!
    This Joan ( from hekima.. quite geeky girl from class 😉 .Awesome stuff, an hooked! I want more..keep up the good work, I always knew you were super talented , even in highschool! keep it up.

    1. Hi Joan, Its been ages, enyewe that description hehe on point :-))). Thanks a lot for the nice words of encouragement and support, i truly appreciate it:-) I know u r probably doing something complicated, tech or science, engineering or something else like that, all the best pia and once more, asante sana:-)

  3. Thanks Pato, glad you liked it:-) and yeah at least i stopped postponing getting this blog started. Now i just need to work on the other stuff:-)

  4. Oh My God! Amazing girl. You write so well. Tell me when you open your new blog, i’ll help enhance aesthetics of word. Don’t ask how i got here, let’s say by chance. Oh and by the way, talk to me.;-)

    1. Hi Mo, well thanks a lot for stopping by. I really appreciate that and for the compliment too. This is the blog that i was talking about. I had written this article ages ago before starting a blog so i kept planning on getting one until one day, i eventually did just that. I thought of posting the article then although it was old. And your help is definitely welcome 🙂

  5. Hehe, girl, i remember..You once said you were to make it your life’s mission on my writing.

    I swear it’s gonna be my life’s mission. Tell me how you need my help. Text or e-mail me.

    I’ll be here B-jo.;-)

  6. Hehe, girl, i remember..You once said you were to make it your life’s mission on my writing.

    I swear it’s gonna be my life’s mission to enhance and promote your writting. Tell me how you need my help. Text or e-mail me.

    I’ll be here B-jo.;-)

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