Secrets of fascinating womanhood

I have just finished reading three very different but interesting books. These are “Peeling back the mask”, “Act like a lady, think like a man” and “Secrets of fascinating womanhood”. I really loved each of these books and I believe I learned a lot from them. I have therefore decided to share those lessons with those of you who may not get a chance to read these books.


I got the e- version of “Secrets of fascinating womanhood” from my friend Caroline. I started reading it and immediately gave up on it since it seemed a little old fashioned. However, some time back, I decided to read it again. It was well worth it.


This book is about ten secrets that are given to women as life lessons. The book is set up in a class whereby women learn about how to save their marriages and relationships, be better wives and simply excel in womanhood. The essence of the book is to teach women how to get their men to love them unconditionally.


Secret one: Accept him as he is, look to his good side


The first secret that women learn is about how to accept the men in their lives. This involves learning to fight the urge to try and change a man. If you have trouble accepting him as he is, it is then advised that you try and focus on his good side. For instance, if he drinks too much but still manages to take care of his family, you should then focus on his ability to be a provider. Complaining about him and comparing to some fantasy man will not do you any good. It will also make him resent you.


Secret two: Admire his masculine qualities, never wound his sensitive pride


It is said that women like to belittle men and wound their pride especially when they are angry. If you want to push away a man, start by wounding his pride. However, if you want the love and respect of your man then you need to learn how to stop trying to hurt his pride.


Secret three: Make him number one; comfort him tenderly when he is tired or discouraged


I am not the one making these rules by the way!


Anyway, women are encouraged to learn how to value and appreciate their men. For instance, when your husband comes home after a long day of work, you need to comfort him and offer him his dinner. Ask him about his day and listen. Do not welcome him home with complains and estate gossip. In addition, as much as we women love to talk, it is encouraged that we hone and use our listening skills when it comes to our men.




Secret four: Allow him to be the leader and the provider


Independent women struggle with this concept. However, even the Bible talks about wives submitting to their husbands and husbands being the providers. It is said that you cannot keep a man if you continue to act as if you have no use for him. You have to be to allow him to be in the lead. It does not mean that you quit your job or give up on your dreams to make him feel better. It simply requires you to let him be the man.


Secret five: Men admire inner serenity and goodness in their women


This does not mean that you keep smiling and fake happiness. It simply entails you making peace with yourself. Do not be that bitter woman who never smiles, always complains, always seems to have a bad day and hates everyone and everything. You need to get your life in order and work on your inner peace. These qualities will make you more attractive and easier to live with anyway. Stop going to bed with your fists held up like you are about to step into a boxing ring!


Secret six: Enjoy being a mother and a homemaker


This refers to working women who have no time for their children or their roles as wives and homemakers. If you are never around and you have a house help solely raising your children and running your home, you need to realize that you are risking losing that home. Set aside enough time to spend with your family. Always ensure that your home is clean and welcoming and do not leave everything to a hired help.


Secret seven: make the most of your hair, your figure and your smile


I do not think that many women will like this rule. It basically teaches women to be more feminine and pleasant. Since the hair stands out in a woman’s features, it is encouraged that women should take care of this. They should get good flattering hairstyles that are not very masculine. Women are also encouraged to take care of their figures (Dear Lord, is this about me?) The importance of working out and getting in shape should is emphasized.


Men love it when women have beautiful smiles. Therefore, smile more and frown less.


Secret eight: Femininity delights men


In this one, women are just encouraged to do the opposite of what men do. This includes avoid wearing baggy clothes, sitting like a man, swearing and cursing and just being loud like men. Dress in feminine clothing and act like a lady.


Secret nine: Learn to submit


Submission has really been emphasized in this book. Submission should be seen in how you respect your man, talk to him and even treat him in general. Do not try to show him that you are way better than him. Do not belittle him. Learn to humble yourself and submit to him.


Secret ten: Learn to handle your anger


There are a lot of things that people say when they are angry that normally cause irreversible damage. Insulting a man on his masculinity, belittling him in any way and simply doing things to embarrass him just because you are angry will push him away. You need to learn how to express your anger in a manner that is respectful and yet communicative at the same time.


To get an in depth understanding of the secrets, you need to check out the book. I can send it to you if you like. You may not agree with all the secrets but believe me, “Secrets of fascinating womanhood” offer some good lessons for any woman whether single or not.





Thank you…


Today I feel highly motivated and encouraged. I just published my blog yesterday and already, I have received very good feedback. I have gotten comments and messages that have really made me very happy. I am truly blessed to have good, genuine friends. Jeds said that she likes my writing style and that simply encouraged me so much. Louis said “good stuff” and then he encouraged me to keep up the blog even if people do not read or comment on it. He said that I should keep writing because of the fact that I love writing. That is just profound. I feel very encouraged by those words and hope to always remember them even when I feel like nobody reads my articles. Helen Joe has just told me right now, to keep writing.


I really appreciate all the comments and encouragements. I also truly appreciate everyone who has or is reading this blog. I also appreciate those people who may not get to read this blog but who have encouraged me to write since it is what I enjoy doing. I especially thank Elvis who practically pushed me to start writing. He was my inspiration in starting this blog. He encouraged me and even gave me writing deadlines. He even went a step further and offered to set up the blog for me. I am forever indebted to him and everyone else who has supported me.