Something to think about…..

I am a big fan of the bikozulu blog, That man simply has very beautiful words that he knows how to use expertly. I enjoy reading anything that allows me to visualize and get lost in the writer’s mind or world. I like seeing what the writer was seeing when he wrote or rather what he was thinking about. Biko is one of those writers who can do this. They use their words so well that it makes you get lost in their world. If he is in Lamu, you will see Lamu through his eyes. If he is describing an encounter with a hooker, you will feel like you are part of that scene, just standing by and watching the exchange between the two parties. Biko creates a new world with his writing and he takes the reader into this new world. I may be reading his blog entry from my office desk in Limuru, but in my mind, I travel to the exotic worlds that he describes and meet the fascinating people in his world. That is Biko, an awesome writer who I really look up to.


This week, I headed to his blog as usual, eager to see what he had churned out for his readers. However, what I saw was quite different. It was a blog entry about a man with passion for writing. However, he had pushed himself so much with his writing that he had reached some kind of a breaking point. In his own words, he had stretched himself thin and it had started affecting him. This led him to make the decision to reduce his blog entries from weekly to fortnightly posts. At first, it made me wonder. His blog is really popular and he has a many followers worldwide. He is also very consistent in ensuring that every Monday, he posts a new article. I kept wondering if he was worried about disappointing his readers. Would he miss writing?


Another thought soon crossed my mind. Biko followed his dream of writing. He gets to do what he loves. He does it so much that it burnt him out. When you really think about that, it makes you think about your own situation. Are you doing what you love to do? How much time do you commit to following your passion?


Most people shelve their dreams and instead live a life that could be considered a lie. There are many writers who are stuck working as accountants just because they have jobs that offer them some security. You may be surprised by the number of singers or would be musicians who spend their days working as security guards because they are worried that music may not guarantee them a steady income. There a number of poets who spend their days operating machineries all the while churning beautiful words only in their mind. Designers walk around in dull business suits all the while storing away amazing fashion ideas in their minds. Many people fail to follow their dreams and do what they really love doing. They have many fears that hold them back and convince them that their dreams are not worth following.


One man has lived his dream. He has done what he wanted to do and even got to a point of exhaustion. While he has given everything to his passion, many of us have given nothing towards achieving our dreams. If we die today, we get to be buried with all our dreams. Well, that would simply be a waste of God-given talent.