Monday, Friday…. No Difference!

There is a presidential debate showing in all major stations today at 7:30pm. Due to this fact, I thought of writing about politics and the oncoming elections for this week’s blog. However, after two sentences, I realized that I don’t know what to write about politics. I don’t even know who I am going to vote for yet. So politics, I leave to Mutahi Ngunyi and my many friends now turned political analysts on facebook. However, I definitely plan on watching the debate today. Who knows, maybe I will get something to write after that.

ION, I am having a great Monday. I don’t have the blues that most people do. I woke up today just thinking of this as just another work day and I am having an awesome Monday so far. I already have most of my tasks for the day done. In addition, thanks to my friend Dexter Muthengi, I have some great ol skul music playing. This mix is simply awesome. Right now “Fiesta” by R.Kelly feat.Jay Z is playing and it sure does feel like a Friday here!

Here are some tips on making your Mondays awesome:

Dress for the day

Mondays set the mood for the week. Dress right and this will give you a positive outlook of the week. It will also help in changing your attitude and make you feel better about the day. You don’t have to do very dull colors (unless you are a lawyer). Wear something that looks good and make you feel equally good.

Image Too bright for Monday? i thought not!

Decide to have a great day

Most people simply syk themselves out when it comes to Mondays. Check facebook on Sunday evenings and you will see the “OMG can’t believe it is Monday again” status updates. However, change your attitude and stop thinking of Monday like that. Think about things that can help make your Monday more interesting.

In my case, music did it for me. I woke up listening to music and I still have some playing in the background. This makes the day seem easy and relaxed.

Find something that will make you feel better about the day. Try making lunch or after work plans, maybe that can get you excited about the day.


If you want to have a great Monday, prepare for it. Most people rush out of the office on Fridays like there is a fire. They do no preparations for Mondays and this is where they go wrong. You have to be organized and establish what you want to do on Monday. Clear your desk on Friday too so that you do not have a messy desk waiting for you on Monday morning.

It won’t last forever

Remind yourself that Monday is only a few hours long. Seriously, Monday is just a day like any other and soon it will be Tuesday. So get over it and stop acting like the day has 56 hours or something!

Enjoy your Monday!

2 thoughts on “Monday, Friday…. No Difference!

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