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April 29, 2013


I want to sing and throw my hands up in the air in reckless abandonment. I want to dance on a beach even if there is no music playing. I want to shout on the mountain tops, clasp my hands together in merriment. I want to feel the wind blow in my hair, see waves rising and falling and then feel the wet sand under my feet, between my toes, caressing and scratching all at the same time.



I don’t want to sit down, no sir! I want to dance and simply be happy. Could this be love? I hope so! I hope it’s the self-love that I have been seeking. The warm, wonderful feeling that fills my heart with joy when I look at myself in the mirror, see the blemishes on my skin and still think that I am beautiful. The feeling of joy and love that fills me when I hear Tairus Riley sing superman, she’s royal and stay with you.


Like a butterfly, delicate and yet so beautiful, I want to gently hold this feeling in my hands and protect and yet prevent it from leaving by sipping through my fingers and getting lost. If I could simply just be happy and content as I am right now then all will be well in the universe. The birds would sing, the butterflies would fly, the ocean waves would rise and fall and I will dance, dance in the rain, dance on the beach, dance in my living room, dance in the shower. I will dance for all I want to do right now is dance!


This was just a random post inspired by some random feeling of happiness on a Monday….


2 comments on “Dance

  1. swit sue
    June 7, 2013

    heeee hapo sasa D…..kadunda nayo kali sana

    • dianagitau
      June 7, 2013

      hahaha hiyo kadunda lazima watu wafike in rubber shoes kwanza, ku-dance nayo!

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