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I hear Voices in my head (10 Reasons why I love WWE wrestling)

I hear voices in my head
they council to me
they understand
they talk to me
by Rev. Theory


WWE is a multi-million dollar empire. It features wrestling matches that are basically built on story lines, hence scripted. Growing up, a lot of kids think that the matches are all real. However, at some point, they come to realize that they are staged and this can be heartbreaking much like finding out that Santa Claus is not real. However, unlike the Santa Claus myth, WWE wrestling doesn’t lose fans just because the fantasy is broken. There are many adults who are die hard fans. As a matter of fact, the viewership of WWE is currently at 13million, 143 countries. I am assuming that the number is much bigger since we have millions of fans who watch the matches around the globe not included in that number.

 So why do grownups still watch WWE wrestling? I will give you ten reasons for that…

 I really love WWE wrestling. It is my official “feel good” show. Every time, I watch it, my spirits rise and I get filled with a sudden rush of adrenaline that gets me cheering and screaming at my screen.

 My brother Sam is the one who got me into wrestling once more this year. I grew up watching the matches back then when it was WWF. My father and brothers used to watch every single episode when KBC used to broadcast the matches. I kept up with WWF until my teenage years and then lost interest in them up until this year when my brother came to stay with me for a couple of weeks. We used to watch Monday Night Raw and Smackdown every single week. At first, I used to leave him watching the matches then I would go watch something on my laptop. However, I soon started watching them with him and months after he move out, I still get the two episodes and spend about 5 hours weekly watching WWE.

 The WWE Superstars

 The WWE roaster has had a long list of stars dating back to the 50’s. Right now on Smackdown and Monday Night Raw, the main stars are Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mark Henry, The Shield, Big Show, John Cena, The Rock, Team Hell No ( Kane and Danny Bryan),The Miz,  Koffi Kingston, Ryback, Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, Antonio Cesario, Big E Langston, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, c m Punk, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, the Great Khali, Fandago, Wade Barret, Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder and a few other stars who I cant remember.




Some of these people have been in WWE for a very long time. For instance, I used to really like Chris Jericho when I was in form one in Kambui that was in 1999. Close to 15 years later, Y2J is still in WWE making headlines and putting up some really good performances.


One thing about the stars is that they represent the true meaning of branding. WWE stars are brands that you can identify anywhere. For instance, John Cena is a brand that is recognized worldwide with his outfits that stand out with their bright colors and the inspirational words such as “Rise Above Hate” and “Our Time is Now”. That is John Cena, he is currently the face of WWE, representing the good guy. Its no secret that kids simply adore this wrestler. They buy his merchandise and are truly invested in him. His charity work with children and everything he has done to support the military contributes to the good guy image of John Cena.


These stars get you drawn into their storylines, For instance, using the John Cena example again. This star lost Wrestlemania 28 when The Rock won the WWE Championship. A storyline is then created of how John Cena started obsessing about that loss. He talks of having let everyone down when he failed to win his match. He then shows how he got so obsessed with Wrestlemania that it cost him his marriage. Wrestlemania 29 was to be his redemption when he would face The Rock again. That one year between, showed Cena dedicate all that he had to making the match successful and winning the title, he worked hard and on the road to Wrestlemania, he won the royal rumble becoming the number one contender. He then fought C M Punk to retain this position. Finally, on Wrestlemania 29, in front of a live audience of over 80,000 WWE fans, Cena got his shot at his redemption and walked away with the coveted title.


Image Cena after he won Wrestlemania 29 match against The Rock


This storyline gives you the sense of determination to follow your dreams and see them turn into a reality. I was so inspired by the whole story.

 That is what the WWE stars do, they make you part of the story.

 The Story Lines

 As mentioned, the superstars all have storylines. The great thing about this story line is that it builds up the expectations and excitements of the matches. For instance, when Paul Bearer died earlier on this year, this brought up a new storyline that was built up leading to Wrestlemania 29. A big feud emerged between Undertaker and CM Punk who constantly disrespected the memory of Paul. Punk in his bad boy fashion knew no boundaries when it came to personal and mental attacks on the dead man who in turn reacted with unmatched anger. I think this feud is one of the reasons why the CM Punk and Undertaker match on Wrestlemania was simply the best. It was so thrilling that I watched the most part of it while on my feet, screaming at the top of my voice. I absolutely loved it.


Image Dead man versus Pubk at Wrestlemania


On May 19, 2013 will be the extreme rules matches. So far there are storylines building with feuds between Ryack and John Cena which is the main feud. There are others between Mark Henry and Sheamus and of course Randy Orton and Big Show. The Brock Lesnar and Triple H feud which as been going on for months now is also showing some promising signs of a great match on May 19th extreme rules. There will also be a 3 way ladder match (hope that’s the correct name) between Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Antonio Del Rio. My money is Sheamus, Cena, Triple H, Del Rio and of course Randy Orton who I would root for even if I was in a match with him.

 The Finishing Moves

 There is something about a great finishing move that gets you at the edge of your seat even before the bell rings and a winner is declared. You know that your favorite star probably has won even before the count out.

 What is even better is when the finishing move is a surprise. For instance, your star may get a serious beat and just when you think that they are done, they go ahead and deliver an incredible move that puts them on the win.

 For obvious reasons, my favorite finishing move is the RKO by the Apex Predator, Randy Orton. It is simply brilliant and I always rewatch the move a couple of times during matches. I especially love it when Randy catches people midair in an RKO.

Image Randy Ortona RKO’s Big Show


Other great finishing moves include:

 Brogue Kick- Sheamus

Walls of Jericho- Chris Jericho




Armbar- Alberto Del Rio

GTS- Go to Sleep by C.M. Punk




TombStone, PileDriver, Hells gate – Undertaker




Pedigree- Triple H

World Strongest slam- Mark Henry

Choke Slam- Kane, Undertaker, Big Show

The People’s elbow, Rock Bottom – The Rock]





ZigZag- Dolph Ziggler

Attitude Adjustment- John Cena

Ankle Lock- Jack Swagger


Basically, those are some of my favorite finishing moves though every star has one. In my opinion, the delivery of the finishing move is normally more thrilling than even the actually winning of the match.

 The Entrance Songs

 I absolutely love the songs that wrestlers use as their entrance music. My all time favorite is the Randy Orton” voices in my head” entrance song. I also like “cult of personality” which is CM Punk’s entrance song. Another song that I like is the one used for Mark Henry which was actually done by 3 6 mafia. There is something about a good theme song that can just get you excited. There are days when hear that Randy Orton song and watch him walk to the ring and I smile even before he does his signature pose on the rings.


Image This pose makes me happier than anything i have ever seen even on Tyra’s shows 🙂

 I also love how the WWE fans react every time an entrance song plays on the speakers even before the actual star comes out. I especially love it when the WWE stars make a return. You see fans practically jump from their seats cheering.

 In recent time, the Fandago entrance song made headlines worldwide though largely thanks to the football fans. Some football fans from Britain went for the live WWE Monday night raw immediately after Wrestlemania and took up to singing that song. After the match, they went on with the song into the subways and on the streets. Soon, there were people around the world randomly singing the song, very much like the mobs that do the Harlem shake. This song made it to the US and UK Charts, rising all the way to number 11 on the iTunes chart.

 A good entrance song can light up any given day that is the power of WWE in making people smile.

 WWE Universe

 There is a sense of solidarity and commitment that the WWE fans have when it comes to everything WWE. There are fans that travel from all the continents just to watch Wrestlemania every year. For these fans, tell them that WWE is fake and you will upset them. They love the stars, the fights and everything else about the matches. They laugh and cry and get involved in the matches fully. I have seen fans breakdown when their stars lose matches. I have seen others jump in joy, screaming, cheering and crying all because their stars have won.

 I read online about people going into depression when Chris Beniot died. They mourned like he was family. I know I would be devastated of Orton was no more. The universe invests in WWE so much that it all becomes one huge family.

 The good looking muscled up men

 I will admit it; some of these wrestlers are quite the eye candy. Randy Orton is really good to look at. His eyes, walk, pose, moves on the ring, simply awesome. I also secretly (not anymore) really fancy CM Punk, there is something about the bad boy image and crazy eyes that just does it for me. I think he is quite handsome too.



Image The WWE bad boy


There are a number of other superstars who look good too. I see a number of tweets on the live shows with women drooling over the Game. I know even Fandago appeals to some. Like other sports such as Ruby, the eye candies are always a bonus.

  The Comedy

WWE has a share of comedies. There are so many funny moments that will get you laughing your head off. When the star take on the mic most come up with the funniest stuff ever. There are dance offs and also some disses that may make, Comedy Central Roasts look like amateur work. WE moments are incredible. What’s more the interactions between the stars and fans always provide some healthy dose of humuor every time.

 The Chants

 Every star has their own chants that fans throw at them to get them going on. Before Ryback turned heel,

“Feed Me more” was one of the biggest chants. Other chants include Del Rio’s “Si..si..si”, there is also “ Y2J”.

 Some chants are for haters such as the “Cena sucks” chants which are very famous. The crowd getting involved in the matches makes the fights ten times more fun.

 On the Monday night Raw after Wrestlemania, WWE had one of the best crowds ever who chanted for the whole duration of the show. Their chants were so random yet so much fun. They will go down in history as one the best crowds ever.

 The Writers

 I will admit, I don’t know even one WWE script writer but I am very familiar with their work. These writers create characters and story lines than millions of people get to drawn to. They are quite the story tellers and hats off to them for the great job.

 Well those are my ten reasons why I love WWE so much. Now let me wait for the Extreme rules this Sunday May 19, 2013. Here is to hoping Orton, Sheamus, Cena, Game and who ever goes up against the Shield wins!

ImageThe next Big Event


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  2. abuamirah
    April 23, 2014

    Guess what, i started an article about voices in the head, inspired by your blog and a book am reading called ‘mind wide open’…….:) Glad to see we may be thinking on the same lines……dreamers club!

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