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Web Presence

We live in a world where technology has become quite predominant. Online presence has become an absolute necessity for every business. This is not only for e-business and also for offline businesses.


 Offline businesses have to maintain websites to ensure that they can reach their target audience and in turn give the audience a chance to reach them. On the other hand, e-businesses also need to have a strong online presence so as to succeed. If an online business has weak online presence then it will not reach the target market. As a matter of fact, most clients will first look at a company’s web presence even before considering the products and services offered. Image is everything when it comes to business success. If your business is online, your web presence and appearance on your web page will be your marketing point.


Importance of Web Presence

 One of the most important purposes of web presence is to market a business. This means that a business gets a chance to give details on what it is all about, its key operations, products and services offered. In addition, contact information for the business can be shared on the web page. This makes it easy not only to attract customers but to also ensure that they can reach the company, make enquiries and transact business with ease. Accessibility can definitely make or break a company. If a client can’t reach you, they may just opt for your competitors.

 Web presence can offer you one of the most convenient yet effective marketing tools. You have an opportunity to showcase all your impressive products and services with ease. In addition, you can also include reviews and testimonials to further market your business. Web presence also allows you to give as much detail as possible about your products and services. You can explain how the products work and even give a chance for FAQ hence making it more likely for customers to buy your products. In addition, creating awareness for the business becomes much easier due to the ability to share your business link on different platforms.

 A strong web presence allows you to reach a target market across different demographics. You may have clients who have an aversion for websites but a strong liking for social networks. This means that if you have both a website and social network page, you then increase your reach. There are also people who may not have access to computers but can access the internet through cell phones. Cutting across different online platforms will definitely cater for these clients.

 Web presence is one way to ensure that you are accessible to clients at all times. Your different web pages operate on 24 hours, 7 days a week basis hence meaning that you are always available. If a person cannot call you, they can reach you through an online avenue. In addition, clients in all time zones can get to you. This is an advantage not only for e-businesses but also for offline businesses which cannot remain open at all times.

 To achieve these goals, you have to ensure that you have good web presence. It is not enough to just have a website. There are numerous platforms to explore. Remember, the more avenues you use, the more likely to reach your target market you will be.

 Platforms for web presence


 One of the key platforms for web presence for any business is the website. If you are operating an online business, you have to be very keen on your website. This is the only way you get to present yourself to your clients so a website can either make or break your business.

 The first thing that you need to consider when creating your website is the name. You have to ensure that your business name appears in the URL. This makes it much easier for people to access your page. In addition, it is vital to ensure that the web name is both short and easy to recall.

 One of the key components of a website is the homepage. This serves as the introductory page of the business. Use your homepage wisely. Give a good introduction of the business. This should be brief and at the same time all inclusive. Remember, most people will decide whether or not to even look at your products and services based on how you present yourself on the homepage. For detailed information of the business, you can have what is called “about page”. Here you do not have to be brief. You can build on the introduction of the homepage hence further engaging your clients especially those visiting the website for the first time.


Pictorial catalogues are very necessary for the websites. Do not just put a description of your product or service. You have to try and give the clients images that will go with the descriptions. Sometimes, people will buy things that they had not even considered simply based on how good the product looks like. One thing to be careful about is to ensure that you have images for products and services that you actually offer. Do not just put up pictures to entice the customers and then fail to deliver on the same.


Contact information is another very important aspect of the website. It is logic that your clients can only reach you if you give them the means to. Ensure that you have a contact information page with your business name, location, email address, telephone numbers and even Facebook page and twitter handle. You have to make it easy for people to be able to reach you.

 There are many sites that have a page for “FAQs”. This page contains questions commonly asked by clients. This can be real or even anticipated questions. This page basically makes it easy for clients to understand your business, products and services. It can also save you the time normally spent between sending and responding to enquiries.

 You have to ensure that your websites are easy to access, maneuver and are engaging so as to facilitate two-way traffic between you and the clients.


 Most offline businesses have newsletters that are produced periodically. This gives companies to share news with their clients with ease. In addition, once clients subscribe to your newsletters, you can then get to maintain your client base with ease.


 It is true that blogging has become the new way to share news. There are millions of bloggers who maintain blogs based on different topics. Whenever something new comes up, they share this information with their readers through blogging. Most businesses have also taken up blogging as a way of sharing news and also getting direct feedback from their clients.

 If you have an online business, this is definitely another platform that you can explore so as to make your online presence stronger. Through your blog, you can provide news on new products and services. You can also post news on events surrounding your business line. Blogging gives you a chance to have your own “online magazine or newspaper” so make use of this avenue.

  In addition, blogging is a great way to actually get more people to visit your site. There are many ways of sharing blog posts such as on Facebook and twitter.  Your blog also becomes popular if you comment on other blogs. As the number of followers on the blog grows, the traffic on your website will also be increasing.

 Review Sites

 There are many review sites in existence online. These sites will offer reviews on your business, products and services. The good thing about these sites is that they will offer you a great advertising avenue. This site can give you a chance to have multiple consumers discussing your business hence giving you publicity that can translate to sales. Most people are likely to believe fellow consumers even more than the sellers. This is due to the ideology that a seller will definitely say anything to boost his sales. However, a consumer will give an honest and accurate review on how the product worked for them individually.

 One thing about review sites is that you have to be very keen on them. One negative review can spun out of control if not addressed. If a client has a complaint, you need to address this effectively. Bad reviews can potentially damage your company’s reputation if not careful.

 Social Network sites

 You cannot underestimate the power of social networks in this era. Almost every adult in the world has either a Facebook or a twitter account. Current statistics show that Facebook has over 9,000,000 users whereas Twitter has over 6,000,000. This goes to show just how popular the social networks are. This means that chances of reaching your target market online is very easy. Most social network sites allow users to set up pages. You should make use of this platform to make a page for your business. This makes it easy to share information on your products and services. In addition, you also get to share news on the page. Popularizing your business on social networks is not only very effective but also cheap since you can do it at no cost at all.

 LinkedIn Profiles

 LinkedIn profiles are another avenue that can be explored by e-business owners. This profile basically works as a directory online. It allows you to share your business name and contact details. It also connects you with other businesses operators. This means that if a client is looking for a specific business line, your business details with appear alongside others operating on the same lines. The good thing about LinkedIn profiles is that they do offer free but effective advertising platforms. In addition, the enable business owners to further boost their web presence.

 Your online presence will be the key to your e-business success so make use of what the internet has to offer in terms of space!


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  2. Awesome website you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get comments from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Bless you!

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      Hey there…i really don’t know.Maybe a Google search can help…. but hope you find what you are looking for and be blessed too…

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      No idea what you mean…sorry…

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