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Junk in your trunk by TD Jakes

  • Past relationships-some relationships need to be severed. T.D Jakes talks of spiritual necrophilia.

Emotional and psychological baggage makes us keep getting into relationship with the wrong people.

  • We may be stuck in jobs that we don’t like due to our feelings of inferiority, inadequacy and incompetency. Even if you do get a new job, it’s no use if at all you will maintain your old attitudes.
  • If you are going to make great decisions that leave you with no regrets, then you must clean out the junk in your trunk, let go of the past. Doing so will create space in your life to see, breathe and maneuver.


  • Physical junk it is hard to function in an environment that is not neat and organized. When it accumulates, it eventually spills over into other aspects of our lives.
  • Mental/emotional junk is the regrets we have about past mistakes, the grudges we hold when we feel we’ve done wrong or the hurt we hide under clouds of anger, cynicism and reclusiveness.

You can get rid of your emotional junk by praying, meditation, journaling and exercise. Look into your emotional closet and see what needs cleaning out. Clean out old memories that attract un-forgiveness.

Test your mind for worry, if you find yourself thinking about the same issue over a few days, then you are not thinking, instead you are worrying.

  • It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made, how traumatic the circumstances from which you have come or how far you feel from your childhood dreams that once motivated you. If you want to change, you can. You have to move on with your life. And before you take action, you must make the decision to do so.
  • Junk does not accumulate overnight, the same way change cannot happen overnight. It needs patience. Let go of your past mistakes and at the same time, don’t let someone else us your mistakes as leverage.
  • Clean up list, childhood trauma, past relationships, present relationships, guilt over past mistakes.



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