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Job seekers guide to using social networks

There are lots of reported cases where comments and status posted on social networks caused the dismissal of many employees. Rants about jobs, complaints about pays, and ill words about a boss suddenly backfired. But if social networking sites can kill a job, they can also be used as a potential career builder. That is if you know how to properly utilize their potentials. The following are few tips that can help job seekers in using social networks wisely.

Online social networking Just like in real-world community, building and growing your network of contacts in the virtual community of social networking sites is important. This is because the more contacts you have, the nearer you are to potential clients (if you are a freelancer) or potential employers (if you are a job searcher). Also, talk to your friends and let them know that you are searching for a job. If you have 700 face book friends, at least ten are bound to be in a position to help you. However, be very mindful when adding and accepting friends. Remember that there are lots of deceitful individuals in social networking sites.

 Develop your talent online. Most sites allow you to be creative and post whatever you like. For instance, on face book, there is an option for writing notes. This is a good forum for aspiring writers to develop their writing skills by posting notes and sharing them with friends online. You can ask your friends to critic the articles to enable you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can also develop your marketing skills online by advertising different products. Some people use the medium to build journalistic skills, this includes people who keenly follow the news and immediately update status about breaking news.

Display the coherence and profoundness of your thoughts and ideas. Rather than using social networking sites as a place to rant and complain about work and life in general, why not make use of them as a venue to express your deepest thoughts. You can allow yourself to be philosophical and sage. When current and potential employers see the wisdom behind your postings, you will most likely leave a good impression. All your rants, keep to yourself. Write them in a personal journal, if you want. Even if you do not have anything original to say, get inspirational quotes online and share them but remember to mention your source.

 Create a Profile on Linkedin: Linkedin is a business social networking and employment website where employers and job seekers connect. Candidates should add links to an online resume, personal website, or portfolio that highlights skills. Expand the network and make connections with colleagues, friends, and current and former coworkers. Display work samples and integrate blogging into the profile. Search and apply for open positions. Last but not least, focus on making and receiving recommendations.

Make sure your online activities are decent and positive. In case employers do random checking, you will be assured of a stable career if your online activities fit the definition of acceptable. Acceptable means uploaded photos are wholesome, comments are non-offensive, and blog posts are generally pleasant. Posting pictures of you drunk or inappropriately dressed does not send a good message to prospective employers. Also, when using facebook, avoid being tagged in obscene photos or notes, let your friends and relatives know that you are building a reputation and that is not the kind of reputation that you want to be associated with.

Keep track of job postings. Many employers and recruitment agencies post job openings in their respective social network accounts. Look for those. Regularly visit their sites and leave positive comments. On face book there are a lot of groups for job seekers, the most prominent group is ‘young Kenyan managers’. Such a group offers you the opportunity to mingle with other job seekers and also potential employers. There are also a lot of causes on facebook that offer internship opportunities and also vacancies for volunteers.

Subscribe to blogs that have job listings: We all subscribe to blogs to receive information based on our interests, at least I hope. Over time we rely on these sources for information to keep us updated on what is happening in certain industries or different trends that are developing.

Advertise yourself. Use social networking sites to subtly advertise yourself. For instance, blog about any recent achievement or talk about your hobbies and interests that can potentially spark an employer’s interest. Doing these kinds of things may not directly lead you to a job, but they can certainly help establish your personality and competency.

Limit your time in social networking sites. Whether you are working freelance or are a fulltime employee, always make sure to visit social networking sites only at appropriate hours. So while at work, fight all urges to open your accounts. If you are a freelancer, remember that your income usually depends on the amount of time you allot for your work, so if you spend most of your time in social networking sites, your income will be badly hurt. If you are a fulltime employee, your performance rate will most likely drop when your boss discovers you are spending more time in social networking sites than doing your work.

Lastly, think of social networking sites as a representation of yourself. Keep in mind that whatever you put in your social network accounts will speak volume about your personality and work ethics. Therefore, make it a habit to filter all the information you are intending to post to your accounts. Remember that the details about yourself should foremost build you up.

 PS: Another article from my archives. I thought it was worth sharing though i don’t even recall writing it. It is good though….


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    June 30, 2013

    Great post, keep up with the hard work, youre doing it right!

    • dianagitau
      July 9, 2013

      Oh wow….thanks you very much for the feedback. This is very encouraging….

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