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The Allure and Magic of Zanzibar (Stone Town)


I do believe that islands hold some kind of magic, enchantment, allure that cannot be explained. There is something about being on an island that gives you the feeling that you are away from the rest of the world. Your worries, bills, responsibilities and everything else is far away, across the ocean. On the island, it’s a whole new world with endless possibilities and zero worries. Needless to say, the views are also spectacular and give you that instant feeling of being relaxed and at peace.


Zanzibar, the Dream….


aerial view of Stone Town (Google images)

I had always dreamt of visiting Zanzibar. I have so many pictures of the island and the white beaches. I have magazine cutouts for my dream destinations, all put up on my wall and Zanzibar has always been there. I never thought in a million years that I would actually get an opportunity to go there.


The poster on my wall’s vision board. This is what i thought the island looked like…


In my house on my vision board, I have a picture of a white island in Zanzibar. It is so breathtaking and I have always looked at it with a smile on my face….someday, maybe I will… It was a dream and I thought that it will always be one. I never imagined that I would ever get to go there. I imagined that it would be too expensive, too far. It was nothing but a dream.


However, on Jun 25, 2013, I woke up with one single thought; I was going to go to Zanzibar for my birthday which was on July 3 (less than a week away). I am one of those people who obsess over things. I think, analyze, over-analyze and this is exactly what I did for a whole week. I planned, day and night, read all I could read about Zanzibar and Stone Town and even got youtube videos of the place. I looked up trip advisory every single day, reading reviews on hotels, restaurants and sites to visit. I budgeted for hours and made plans until the day finally arrived.


Stone Town (Part 1)


I remember when I first saw the island. I was on the ferry, I had gotten a lovely seat on the first class open deck so I had a view of the ocean and all that surrounded us. We were surrounded by nothing but water for a whole two hours. Looking around, there was no land to be seen, just water everywhere.


Then finally, I looked ahead and there it was, the island! It looked beautiful with its buildings, red rooftops. It also looked magical with water all around it. I was on my feet, ignoring the rocking of the ferry and muttering to myself, “oh wow, oh wow, this is so amazing, OMG I can’t believe am here, oh wow, oh wow”. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I don’t think Lamu had the same effect on me. Stone Town is simply breathtaking.


My vacation had officially begun.

Here are a few pics that i took from the ferry as i approached the island. Sorry i couldn’t rotate some of them, i don’t know why…


prison island which we passed on our way to the main island (i didn’t take this picture though…)

Imagegetting a first look at Zanzibar, couldn’t make out the buildings but was so excited…


getting closer to the port….


A closer view of the island…almost at the port now ….


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