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Sunshine at Last

This is a love story, no, not the kind of story that you are thinking of. Are you thinking or Romeo and Juliet or perhaps Noah and Allie? Well stop it! This is not that kind of story. It is definitely not a Nicholas Sparks kind of love story. This is a different kind of story about a woman in love. Again, it’s not what you are thinking of; it’s definitely not going to melt your heart like some fairytale.

It all started on a cold July morning, one of those mornings when you wake up and immediately go back to bed. The weather was dreary, 8:00am and still dark outside. The fog was so thick that there was no visibility. It really was the perfect weather for staying in bed. The cold chill pierced through Laura’s body to her bones as she tried to hug the duvets tighter and get warmer. She needed to have some coffee but couldn’t get out of bed long enough to brew a cup. So she lay there with her eyes closed trying to go back to sleep.

After a few minutes, the cold became unbearable and the duvet was no longer helpful so she decided to get out of bed. Her bed sheets were sticky but they were a bit warm so she didn’t mind the stickiness. The floor was also very sticky and wet but that could be dealt with later. Probably her room already had a smell. They say death does smell, right? However, all she could breathe in was the cold air and all she needed then was a hot cup of coffee.

Back in bed with her steaming coffee, she sunk back under her covers and looked out the window. It was still dark with the thick fog. However, she sat back as her mind wondered back to her boyfriend, Brian.

It was a fairytale how the two met, honestly, I’m telling you. How the two met was something right of a chic flick. It was so romantic. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating!

He saved her life!

You see? I told you it was romantic!

It all happened the year before, on another cold July morning. Laura was in a bus, travelling back from the mountains. The journey had been quite uneventful until suddenly, at around 3:00am, a lorry just came from nowhere and drove straight into the bus. Everything happened so fast and before she even knew it, Laura was lying on the side of the road watching everything happen around her in slow motion. Being so early in the morning, there were no people around and so help wasn’t arriving fast enough. There was confusion, screaming and crying with some people running around.

Nobody seemed to notice her. Laura tried to lift her head from the ground but a pain shot from back through her neck to her head sending her back on the ground. It was better to lay still and hope that help would arrive soon. Good thing was that she was not in pain, well unless she tried to move. However, she was still terrified wondering how serious her injuries were. She tried to call for help but her voice came out in a whisper.

It could have been hours or maybe it was just minutes before someone finally came to her.

“Hi, are you hurt?’

Dumb question! Of course she wasn’t napping on the side of the road at 3:00am.

Laura couldn’t see the man but she was glad that at least someone had come to her rescue.

“Okay I will try and lift you very slowly; my car is right over there….”

His voice trailed off as he continued reassuring her. She didn’t care about what he was saying just as long as he took her to the hospital. Shortly, Laura felt herself being lifted up and gently placed on a backseat of a warm car. She was grateful, the thought of receiving medical care overshadowing any trepidation she may have had at the thought of being in a stranger’s car.

Everything at the hospital was a bit of a blur for her but she could feel his presence throughout. At some point, she even wondered whether she was dreaming. How could a stranger just turn into a guardian angel like that?

It was two days later when she finally got answers to her questions.


That was his name. He was a banker traveling home from a work retreat at the mountains. He had seen her laying on the side of the road and something about her evoked his sympathy. Many of the accident victims were already receiving first aid at the scene, some had flagged down passing cars requesting to be taken to hospital and he had even heard sirens signaling that the police were almost at the scene. However, everyone seemed to have forgotten the lone woman on the side of the road. Perhaps they assumed that she was dead given that she lay so still making no sound at all.

Brian decided to help at least one person and so he picked Laura.

Laura was touched by his kindness. She also liked his kind eyes and easy smile on his face. He made her feel safe and she was eternally grateful that he rescued her.

When she left the hospital, Brian still kept calling He was checking up on her. Sometimes, he called just to say hi. After a while, the two started spending hours on the phone talking about nothing and everything at the same time. Soon, the calls turned into dates. A dinner, a movie sometime, a picnic at the park, she couldn’t be happier. Laura was walking on the moon. Her knight in shinning armor had ended up being the man who stole her heart.

As she thought back to those first months, Laura turned to Brian lying next to her in bed and smiled. He looked so handsome, even with his eyes open like that and his mouth half closed, he was still the best looking man ever.

“Why did you do it? She whispered but Brian didn’t answer.

Laura thought back to the past few weeks. He had changed, Brian had.

Why do men do that by the way? Fall in love and then out of it just like that? He had stopped calling and coming by as he once used to do.

Laura did what any normal woman would have done in the same situation, she started following him! Some may call it stalking but really, that’s not a very good word. She used to track his movements and watch his every movement.

It had to be another woman! That is what makes most men change, right? Of course it had to be!

Sure enough, after just a week of following him around, she finally saw him with her. She wasn’t even pretty, the other woman, she really wasn’t! Skinny, bad natural hair, plainly dressed! It didn’t make sense to Laura. After that first day, Laura noticed that Brian and the mystery woman seemed to meet a lot. It was always in the evenings, in hotels where they would talk for hours. Brian never used to talk to her like that!

Laura had seen enough. She wasn’t going to let Brian fool around on her. She planned the big confrontation.

“That is my sister!”

“You have never mentioned a sister!

“I just found out, my dad was married before he met my mum, they had a daughter……….”

Laura couldn’t believe the outlandish lies spewing from his mouth. Brian was an idiot to think that she would believe such a lie. So she just smiled and he assumed that all was okay again but boy, was he wrong!

Laura went to bed, her body tensed with anger at the man sleeping next to her. Brian, her Brian was now lying to her! It was unbearable to think that there was another woman. Laura tried to shove the thoughts aside but something in her had come alive. He wasn’t going to make a fool out of her!

He didn’t see it coming, the knife that is! He never saw it but sure enough, he felt it. He woke up to a sharp pain as the blade went through his heart. He looked at her, face contorted in anger. Gone, was the lovely lady he had fallen in love with, in her place was the demon holding the knife. Laura’s eyes were the last thing that he saw before his lights went out.

“Why?” Laura sighed once again.

It had only been a few hours since Brian’s last breathe and although Laura had slept well for the first time in weeks, she still wondered about his betrayal.

The weather hadn’t changed, Brian’s blood was everywhere and it was no longer warm and sticky. It was getting cold actually. Laura looked at him one last time and wondered where it had all gone wrong. She was still in deep thought when the phone rang. It was Harriet, Brian’s mother.

“Is Brian there?”

“Are you two available to join us for dinner tonight, I have someone that I would like you to meet.”

“It’s Brian’s sister Laura, my step-daughter…”

She had stopped listening! She looked over at the cold still body of Brian with the knife sticking out his chest. His eyes were still wide open staring ahead blankly; the blood from his chest had stopped trickling, instead it formed a pool on his side of the bed.

Slowly, Laura looked out the window just as the sun came out filling her room with light and warmth.



7 comments on “Sunshine at Last

  1. abuamirah
    April 15, 2014

    i am the first to like this. As usual, your posts are just amazing……..and am keen to know why you have been this quiet on us (your most loyal fans :))

    • dianagitau
      April 22, 2014

      Thank you Abuamirah, answering your question shortly….

  2. Achie
    April 17, 2014

    Despite the disclaimer, it is indeed a touching lovestory. Lavly!

    • dianagitau
      April 22, 2014

      Thanks Achie, glad you enjoyed it.

  3. abuamirah
    April 21, 2014

    you have a way of weaving a story into something awesome. i finished reading it, my heart was beating so fast then i was left asking,”and what did she do next…?” The suspense is wonderfully created. This is worthy of a prize if you ask me.

  4. dianagitau
    April 22, 2014

    Really appreciate the feedback. Thanks a lot and glad you liked the story 😉

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