Conquering Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills with Kwea Milele

Amazing Pic
I just love this pic

This weekend, I made my debut at Ngong Hills. I had seen the hills at a distance but had never attempted hiking them. So when i got an invite from Kwea Milele, i knew that i had finally gotten the chance to check “hike Ngong Hills” off my bucket list. It also gave me an opportunity to see the hills up close.

Although this hike is meant for beginners, I must confess that it was really difficult. There were steep climbs that we had to get through. I remember when going up the highest summit, it got to a point whereby it was no longer a physical venture but a mental one. I could get my feet moving albeit with a lot of difficulties but it is my mind that got me to the top of the hill. I had to keep reminding myself that I could do it. At some point, I was panting and heaving so loudly that I thought my heart would give out.

In addition, I found myself in the middle of the group where I couldn’t see anyone ahead or behind me. Thoughts of wild animals or even hostile people ambushing me filled my mind but I pressed on.

Nothing compares to the joy that I felt when I finally heard voices ahead of me. That’s how I knew that I had reached the peek. It was pure bliss catching up with the first group. Breathe taking views and a deep sign of accomplishment made the whole hike worth it.

Me plus view

I remember on the first hills when I was struggling, another hiker told me, “You would be surprised what your body is capable of”. I found out exactly what she meant when I got to the peak. That sense of accomplishment is unrivaled.

I conquered Ngong hills.

So why should you also hike Ngong Hills?

1. It is near
It only took us about 40 minutes from CBD to the hills.

Leaving CBD at around 7:20am
Leaving CBD at around 7:20am

2. It is safe
I have heard so many stories about Ngong Hills. I remember mentioning the hike to my gym instructor and he told me to be very careful and watch out for muggers. It seems that there was a period of time when Ngong Hills was a no gone zone. However, we had two armed guides from the Kenya Forest Service who provided us with security during our hike. It is definitely advisable to engage the guides/wardens.

3. It’s a worthy challenge
There is always a sense of gratification that comes after the successful completion of a seemingly difficult task. It is rewarding to know that you took on a challenge and emerged a conqueror. This is what I relished most from the hike. Challenge yourself and at every peek, you will get to prove to yourself that you can conquer anything that you set your mind on.

4. The Views
One thing that makes hiking so enjoyable is the amazing views. Ngong Hills are surrounded by beautiful views all the way. Below are some of the pictures that I took along the way.

view 1

view 2

view 3







Next Weekend, Kwea Milele has scheduled a walk at Karura Forest on Saturday and another one at Ololua Nature Trails on Sunday. Check out the link below to find more details on the group.

4 thoughts on “Conquering Ngong Hills

  1. One it’s great having you back after such a long time away from our fav blog. karibu sanaaaaa…….
    Hiking Ngong Hills is awesome…hehe,and you have a superb camera…hizo pic ni ajab!! I hiked once, hio hio ngong hills…my knees turned into jelly…going up wasn’t even hard, coming down was….i wished i could just roll down mpaka mwisho…

    Ok, let’s just say that ama lazy when it comes to such, period….

    see you around.

    1. hehehe the climb was hard but going dw wasn’t so hard for me. Thanks for the picture comment, round hii nilikua nimejitolea 🙂

      Thanks Abu…glad to be back and hoping to stay around this time. Asante…

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