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One bridge at a time

There are many articles online giving tips on ‘how to conquer the fear of heights’. I have had a phobia for heights for years and have experienced panic attacks caused by heights. Out of all the tips that i have read, i particularly liked ” Face your fears”. This is the one that i embraced. However, I was a bit apprehensive although excited at the same time when after Olootua natura trails, the Kwea team suggested that we go check out some bridges.

One thing that you need to know is that these are not the usual bridges that cut across rivers. However, they are bridges suspended about 100 feet off the ground held in place by some man-made features that did not give me much confidence. Under the bridge, there are huge rocks, little rivers but generally thick bushes.

Being on top of these bridges, you are forced to face your fear head-on. However, once you get used to being that high up with very little support, you start to appreciate the view around you.

Here is how I bagged bridges and overcame my height phobia all in one afternoon.

Maasai Lodge

The bridge looks quite harmless from this angle
Bridge one

Maasai Lodge Bridge

Not so harmless anymore
Th bridge 2

The Views from the bridge
The Rocks 1

Rocks 2

rock 3

This looked really good

This looked really good

View of the lodge from the bridge

View of the lodge from the bridge

This bridge was not so scary so by the time we were leaving, i had relaxed. Well, that was until i saw the second one.

Kitengela Glass Bridge

The bridge was so narrow and swinging lightly in the wind.

The bridge was so narrow and swinging lightly in the wind.


Kitenga Bridge in Full

Trying to calm my nerves and get on the bridge

Trying to calm my nerves and get on the bridge

It took about 5 minutes to get across the bridge though it really did feel like hours especially when i got to the middle

It took about 5 minutes to get across the bridge though it really did feel like hours especially when i got to the middle

On the other side
Below are some photos of what is one the other side of the bridge














12 comments on “One bridge at a time

  1. abuamirah
    February 2, 2015

    Wow….that’s the life Dee……can i switch mine for yours? Wah, those places are awesome, i would simply forget i have a fear of heights!

    • dianagitau
      February 2, 2015

      hehe told you that next time that you are around, i will take you to a Kwea Adventure with me 🙂 Btw short stories club is just like Storymoja, just go under submissions and see how to make an application to join the blog. Its an Australian blog but they accept contributions from all over the world. Good luck on your nomination, your story was really good. You are shortlisted alongside a good pal of mine from Campus… rooting for you guys.

      • abuamirah
        February 2, 2015

        I will do so, Dee. and thanks for inspiring me to venture into short stories….one fine day when i recieve an award i will shed a tear and mention you to the entire world and how much you have inspired me…..
        Baethewei just being short listed was really awesome, considering it was my first submission. Thanks for the thumbs up:)

      • dianagitau
        February 3, 2015

        Well… I hope you you do get that award so i can hear my name in a recognition speech 🙂 All the best dear. I know how it feels, i also won the first and only submission i made in January last year. You should have seen how loud i was about it on social media and stuff. I was super excited. All the best and take care.

  2. nkirotemworia
    February 2, 2015

    I almost peed on myself on the Masaai Lodge one…the people I was with did not make it any easier….waaah…hiyo ya kitengela glass ata kwa dawa!

    • dianagitau
      February 2, 2015

      hehe unafaa ueke the Kitengela one in your bucket list and then get different company wenye watukupatia courage LOL. The Maasai lodge one was not so bad because it was a bit wide though when the wind hit…wacha tu.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. trablog
    February 2, 2015

    haha.. congratulations! 😀 You did it. I loved the way you created the suspense in the post with different angles of the bridge 🙂

    • dianagitau
      February 3, 2015

      Thank you so much trablog 🙂

  4. Joy
    February 3, 2015

    Keep them coming. Loving what you are doing and joining you soon. 🙂

    • dianagitau
      February 3, 2015

      Looking forward to seeing you on one of the hikes/walks 🙂

  5. bhart2015
    February 3, 2015

    You should be extremely proud of yourself! Fears are a tough thing to get over. Even if you don’t do it all at once you can definitely chisel away at them. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

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