The Confession by John Grisham

A Book Review


The Confession’ by John Grisham is one of the best books that I have read by this author. Unlike ‘Sycamore Row’ reviewed here, I did not struggle getting through this one. The story was quite fast paced and very moving that it was hard to put the book down.

In this story, there is an innocent man in jail who is about to face execution. Unfortunately, his lawyers have run out of all possible appeals to get him out of jail as the hour of his execution draws nearer. This man is Donte Drumm, accused of the kidnap, rape and murder of Nicole Yarber. On the other hand, there is Travis Boyette who gets to watch in disbelief as the state convicts and sentences to death an innocent man for a crime that he is the one who committed. At first, he is content with letting Donte pay for his crimes.

The plot is brilliant and the story moves quite fast. There is excitement, suspense and tension as a reader is pulled into the story joining in the race against time to see the fate of Donte Drumm. As evidence piles up proving that he is innocent, there are new twists with every move that his lawyers tries to get him freed. It gets to a point when things are set into motion and you hold your breath waiting for Donte to get out of jail but then, a new twist comes in. With every new twist, the clock ticks louder.

There is a lot that is going on behind the scenes. For instance, one of the main themes that come up is race. Drumm is a black kid convicted of killing a while girl in a small town racially divided. There is also a minor theme of religion and faith that adds to the plot of the story.One of the main characters is Rev. Keith Schoeder who gets thrust into the middle of the unfolding drama and joins the race towards saving Drummm. The reaction of the church to Rev. Keith’s involvement throws his life into havoc and he finds himself in another different type of struggle.The Issue of death penalty is another aspect that draws mixed emotions from readers. All these aspects make ‘The Confession’ by John Grisham a very interesting read.

I have read so many books by John Grisham. I remember reading ‘The Client’ while still in my teens and falling in love with Grisham’s work. I must admit though, ‘The Confession’ is my favorite book by Grisham. It made gave me different feelings, For instance, the adrenaline and tension throughout the story waiting to find out whether the execution will be stopped. There were moments of joy every time a new lead or ‘breakthrough’ for Drumm came giving me hope that justice will be served and there were tears when dead ends were hit. This made the book every engaging and I truly enjoyed it. I also love the fact that the story starts immediately with drama that grips you and gets you wanting to know what happens next.

I have heard that there readers who rate the book poorly due to the ending but this is definitely not a fairy tale so do not expect a ‘happy ever after’ for everyone. I know there people who loathe anything to do with the death penalty but this is one book that you should read with an open mind. It is a wonderful story, the characters are well developed in a manner that will draw you into their lives and you will share in their pain and joy, there are twists that will keep you getting and suspense is well developed to keep you glued to the book up to the last page. In addition, Grisham will have you questioning your own beliefs. For instance, on the death penalty. I kept wondering if it is wrong due to the fact that an innocent man was facing death. Would i have felt differently if it was Travis facing death penalty? After all, he did brutally rape and murder an innocent girl. So really, is the death penalty sometimes justified? Grisham really will get you thinking about different issues.

If you enjoy legal drama and are interested in a great fast paced story, then this is definitely the book for you. I highly recommended ‘ The Confession’ by John Grisham and i do hope that you will enjoy the book as much as i did.

Other Books by John Grisham touching on deathrow and death penalty are ‘The Chamber’ which also has a theme of race and ‘ The Innocent Man’ which is based on true events.

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