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Empire (TV Series)

Mid Season-Review


Well if you haven’t yet heard , there is a new TV show that everyone is talking about. Empire is an American TV series on Fox. It debuted on January 7th 2015 and is already on its 7th episode. I watched all 7 episodes on one evening; that is how interesting the show is. The show has a rating of 8.1 on imdb.

Empire revolves around a music (hip-hop) entertainment company owned by the Lyon family. The company CEO is Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard). Lucious was in the drug business before getting into music. He is now an iconic artist in his own right and his company, Empire, has made a name for itself in the music industry. Lucious’ does not have the typical rags to riches story. His past seems to have caught up with him and his future also doesn’t seem too good especially considering his medical condition. He is engaged to Anika and was married to Cookie (Taraji Henson) though clearly there are unresolved issues between the two.

The Lyon family has, Andre (Trai Bryers) the eldest son who runs the finances for the Empire Company. He may seem like the responsible one but man, does he have too many demons.In addition, Andre is the only son who doesn’t have any musical talent. Jamal (Jussie Smollet) is a talented RnB artist; he is also gay which makes him the black sheep of his family since his father doesn’t accept his sexuality. Bryshere Gray (Hakeem) is Lucious’ youngest son, a hip-hop artist like his dad and clearly his father’s favorite son. However, Hakeem is out-of-control, always running rogue, saying the wrong stuff in front of cameras.Honestly, i can’t imagine him running the company but he still is a top contender.


Immediately the show starts and we are introduced to the family, Lucious informs his sons that he will be leaving his company to one of them who he will start grooming to take over. Immediately this is said, the drama starts to unfold as each of the sons seeks to be the heir. If this is not enough drama, Cookie, the mother of the three comes home after a 17 years stint in jail for drug trafficking adding to the family chaos. Well if that hasn’t convinced you to watch the series, check out the below list.

Why should you watch this series?

1. Family drama– Drama is fun and the Lyon’s family has plenty of that. A former drug dealer for a dad, ex-convict mum and three sons who all want the Empire, great recipe for fun drama.

2. The Scheming– I love the fact that everyone seems to have their own secret agendas on this show. The biggest puppet-master seems to be Andre who is hell-bent on getting Empire. It’s interesting to watch him scheming against his own family. Anika seems to have a few schemes up her sleeves mainly against Cookie. This just makes the plot more engaging.

3. The Personalities- The Character development is awesome giving the show some big personalities. There is Cookie who is the Queen Bee, Andre who is straight up psycho and Jamal who is endearing. You will find yourself either loving or hating the different characters who are quite polarizing. The actors do a terrific job in bring out the personalities.

4. Twisted Relationships– I have seen some twisted relationships in the past but nothing quite like what I saw on this show. My favorite relationships include:

a) Lucious and Cookie- divorcees who seem to still have feelings for each other despite Lucious being engaged to Anika. I also love their story of how they started out together with nothing.
b) Cookie and Hakeem- They are supposed to be ‘mother and son’ yeah supposed is the key word here. Hakeem openly can’t stand Cookie.
c) Hakeem and Camilla (Naomi Campbell)- This is totally weird. I won’t even explain why, just watch it and see what Hakeem calls Camilla and the relationship between the two.
d) Andre and his wife- There is something very wrong mentally with Andre. There is definitely something wrong with his wife too. They are one creepy couple.

5. The Music- Timbaland has done a great job with the music in this show. There are some great performances throughout the show. Both Jamal and Hakeem are pursuing music careers and so they have a number of performances. What I really love about this show is that the characters are actually really musically talented and so they portray the artist-bit really well. My favorite performances were by the two brothers together. They are really great when working together which unfortunately is not always the case.

Together, their music is simply awesome

Together, their music is simply awesome

6. Bonus ( Top Models)– Naomi Campbell is a cougar on this show, say what you want but Naomi will forever remain fierce. Guess who else is on the show, AzMarie Livingston from America’s next top model! She has small repeat roles but is doing a great job and plus Az is so fabulous . I hope to see Az more in future.

Still fierce…

AzMarie is perfection

AzMarie is perfection

Another pic of Az,killin'it

Another pic of Az,killin’it

Season 1 of Empire has 12 episodes so if you are not already watching it, you better start now. This is one show that you don’t want to miss.

Check out more reviews of the show on Imdb.

Empire has a facebook page on:

This may contain spoilers though so don’t go to the page until you have watched the show



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