With this ring


Last week on Friday night, I was home alone and bored so decided to take a break from reading ‘Nineteen Minutes’ by Jodi Picoult and watch a movie. I had just gotten ‘With this ring’ the previous day, it fit in perfectly with my plan. ‘With this Ring’ is a Lifetime romantic comedy based on a book titled ‘The Vow’ by Angela Burt-Murray,Denene Millner and Mitzi Miller.

With this ring is a chic flick, the kind of movie that women will enjoy and would make great for a girl’s movie hangout. The movie starts off at Elsie’s wedding (Brooklyn Sudano) which is on New Year’s Eve. At the wedding are three of her girlfriends are also her bride’s maids. There is Trista (Regina Hall), Vivienne ( Jillie Scott) and Amaya(Eve). These three women are all single and at that age where where everyone looks at you and then casts a furtive glance at the clock wondering when you plan to settle down.


The three women take a vow to all get married or at least engaged by the next New Year’s Eve. If they fail to get Mr. Right, they plan on settling on ‘Mr. Right Now’, whichever man will be available then and showing interest.

This is where all the drama begins.

Trista keeps falling for the wrong men and tries to settle down with the biggest douche bag of them all; Vivienne gives dating a chance but is really in love with her ex who is also her son’s daddy. Amaya is a mess; she is dating a married man who she keeps hoping will leave his wife for her.

The search for Mr. Right provides viewers with some funny, emotional, thoughtful but also SMDH moments that makes the movie enjoyable.


Why you will enjoy this movie:

1. It’s awesome and relatable for many women whether single or married but especially single and at that ‘age’
2. It’s funny and makes an easy watch
3. The acting is really good; Regina Hall, Jill Scott and Eve give great performances. I think we need to see Hall in more movies. Gabrielle Union is also in the movie although not playing a major role
4. Plenty of eye candy
5. Happy endings that will melt your heart but are still realistic in that not everyone gets exactly what they want
6. The backdrop scenes are really beautiful, not sure where the movie was shot but it really did have a picturesque setting

What I didn’t like about it:
1. It’s a little over the top, the horrible dates are unrealistically terrible(i think that part was a bad attempt at being hilarious), the bad men are way too bad that you wonder what woman would be with them, people get heartbreaks that cause heart attacks.

I understand that it’s a chic flick but there are some really cringe-worthy scenes

2. Looses ends are tied up in very simplistic ways. If you are in love with someone who you can’t be with, I expect that there are obstacles that keep you apart. You just don’t tell the person that you love them and that’s it, happy ever after starts then. Conflict resolution in this movie was way too unrealistic

My favorite part of the movie was this monologue by Trista(Regina Hall):

“Do you, Trista Miller, realize that life is short and if you spend all your time waiting on a job or the One, that you waste a perfectly good chance to be happy. I do. Then by the power vested in you, I make a new vow that single or married, working or not, that you will never wait for anything outside of yourself to change, before you choose to be happy. You may kiss the new you”.

The movie has a 6.8 rating on 1dmb,it’s worth checking out

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