A Haven for Book Lovers

I am just a girl who loves reading and talking about books

Salty Prayers…..

This is how i fell victim to a con woman in Nairobi

A Haven for Book Lovers

It was on a Saturday morning, I had just received my salary. Thoughts of how I would spend the money got me so excited that sleep became elusive. By 7:00am in the morning, I was in a Matatu heading to town.

My first stop was ‘back street’. By then hawkers use to sell their wares in the back street of Nairobi away from the city councils’ view. Being a Saturday, most of the hawkers had already set up. In a few minutes, I had managed to get a few blouses and skirts for work at very fair prices. The next stop was the supermarket  for some shopping to last my family a month.I couldn’t wait to get home and give the shopping to my mother; I could already imagine her smile of gratitude.

While heading towards the railway station to get a Matatu, I came across a seemingly…

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