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Trout Tree Restaurant

You haven’t really lived if you have never done the following:

1. Dined in a restaurant on top of a tree

2. Caught your own dinner/lunch

3. Asked for a drink and then watch the waiter use a rope to pull up the drink from a river

4. Visited Narumoro/ Nanyuki. Okay this last one me once again giving a shutout to my hometown.I am really not exaggerating when I say that Nanyuki is one of the most beautiful town in the country. No seriously, that town is quite picturesque.

You can do all these things at the Trout Tree Restaurant in Nanyuki.

This restaurant is just about 5 minutes off the Nanyuki-Kiganjo road just near the airstrip (yes we do have an airstrip in Nanyuki). It is located along the Burguret River. Unlike your regular restaurants, this one is built on top of an old Mugumo (sacred fig) tree. Needless to say, the view from the restaurant is simply breathtaking.




The ambiance at Trout Tree invokes the feeling of relaxation. Once you are seated there, the cool views and scenic surrounding puts your mind at ease. The seating arrangement is good even for big groups as they have couches all over the place. In addition, you will be surrounded by tall trees and waters all around. I also saw Columbus monkeys which are quite cheeky and hard to photograph.


Trout Tree Restaurant offers another unique experience. They have trout ponds surrounding the restaurant. You can see the fish jumping in the ponds especially during feeding time. When you order any dishes with fish, you get to watch as they get fresh trout right from the pond. If you are a bit adventurous, they will even let you catch your own fish. It really doesn’t get any better than that.


I think that this is quite impressive seriously though, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t get impressed by watching the journey that the fish takes from the waters to the kitchen then lastly to your plate. Anyway, if still not impressed, you should order drinks at the restaurant and watch what happens. The drinks are kept cool by being stored in crates which are then kept in the rivers so as to stay cool. So when you order your drinks, you get to watch as the crate is hauled up with a rope.

There is also play ground.


IMG_20150404_162214Adults can play too
Only thing that I found a bit odd about the restaurant is that they close at 4:30pm even on weekends and in this case, during a holiday like Easter. We arrived there at 4:00pm and could only get a chance to look around since they were closing despite the fact that they had so many patrons. The official opening hours are 10am to 4:00pm.


I kept trying to get close enough to get a pic of the monkeys but it became a hide and seek game. They were taunting me, giggling mercilessly as I ran around trying to catch them until I gave up. I didn’t take this pic 😉
I look forward to going back to Trout Tree  and maybe this time I’ll get there early enough to fully enjoy the restaurant.

If you want more details about Trout Tree restaurant, visit:


3 comments on “Trout Tree Restaurant

  1. abuamirah
    April 10, 2015

    You got my attention right at the point you mentioned that i can fish my own trout and have it for dinner, just how better can it get!!!?? I told you last time, let’s switch roles for just a few months so i get to enjoy those places too 🙂

    Awesome review Dee, i love it!

    • dianagitau
      April 10, 2015

      hehe thanks Abu na wewe ocha kwenyu ni wapi? I remember that you told me that you stopped traveling to shagz ama? Nanyuki has so many interesting places to visit so at least every time i go home, i get to experience a new place.

      Thank for reading and hope to read a review of your travels someday. You live on island, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, i’m sure you visit some interesting places there.

      • abuamirah
        April 10, 2015

        Ocha kwetu ni Kikuyu, we have wonderful scenery like Alliance Boys and girls….oh, and ondiri swamp LOL!! Well, Mombasa is so much fun, out of the Island especially. Places like Diani are awesome. I have been planning to visit butterfly pavilion for almost 6 months now, bado sijapata time.

        The entire period in my previous job (close to 3 years) i visited approx 90% of the beach hotels in Coast and several in Tz….a couple of big time hotels in Rwanda too…too bad i didn’t have a blog by then 😦

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