The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer

lost boy

The Lost Boy is a memoir on the life of Dave Pelzer. This is one of those books that captivate you right from the first to the last page. The story is quite moving and will engage you emotionally from page to page. The story is well paced and has an easy flows. It starts from his time in his mother’s house to  foster care and finally to his adulthood. This makes it an enjoyable read as he takes you through the different phases of his life.

This book was quite sad and most of the times I found myself angry at David’s mother. David was physically, emotionally and psychologically abused by her. In turn, despite everything that she did to him, he still yearned for her love and attention and blamed himself for the abuse.

Why would a mother mistreat her own child? It was hard to figure this out and I went from page to page looking for answers. David’s journey became my journey. He also wanted to understand what had happened to him during the abuse period. In his mind, he also cant seem to understand the abuse, he calls it ‘games’. Every time his mother does something horrible to him, he thinks it’s another game.
I just couldn’t understand David’s mother. There are instances when it seemed like she truly cared for him. In other instances, her cruelty becomes so evident. Even after he gets into foster care, she tries to get him admitted into a mental hospital. Once again I ask, what would drive a mother to treat her child like this? A mother who is such a sadist to her child is something unexplainable.
Things are not any easier for David once he enters the foster care system and once again we can see the struggles that he goes through to fit in. He tries hard to fit into different families. He also struggles to make friends and along the way does so many desperate things that keep getting him into trouble.
Dave Pelzer’s story is a story of hope, courage, love and strength. It’s hard to imagine how a ten year old boy gets through what David had to go through. It is truly is a story of survival, some may even call it a miracle. The book will inspire you but be prepared also for the heartbreak. Naturally, you will find yourself rooting for David to succeed. You get to see the worst of humanity, cruelty and disregard for fellow human beings. However, a number of people come into his life and will restore your faith in humanity once again. You will also get to see the two sides of the foster care system. Most of the time, we only get to hear of the ugly side of this system.However, the story tells of amazing people that David met while in the system.
I researched on Dave Pelzer and found out that ‘The Lost Boy’ is actually a sequel to his first book title, ‘A Child Called It’. I look forward to reading it and perhaps get some answers on David’s mother.

a child
The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer is definitely an amazing read, one that I recommend. If possible, start with the first book ‘A child Called It’ before reading ‘The Lost Boy’. However, if like me you end up with ‘The Lost Boy’ don’t worry; you will still be able to follow the story.

8 thoughts on “The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer

    1. Glad you loved it too. Have you read the Dave Pelzer’s other book ‘ A Child Called It’?

  1. This sounds like a fascinating read. I would love to read it especially coz you mentioned that at some point David’s journey became yours.

    1. It really is a good book, and its always amazing when you read a book that draws you in so much that you become part of the story. You will definitely enjoy it Abu.

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