Golden Gates Hotel


Golden Gates 2

For the longest time, the only leisure/ entertainment spots well known in Nyeri were Outspan and Green Hills Hotel. However, i discovered that Nyeri does have a lot more to offer. If you are thinking of visiting the town, one of the places to check out is the Golden Gates Hotel. Although still fairly new having been in operation for less than a year,the hotel is already quite popular and it is easy to see why.


One random weekend, My family and I decided to try out something outside Nanyuki and we decided to go to Nyeri and see what the town had to offer. We considered going to the famous Tafaria Castle but upon making inquiries, we found out that it was a bit far from the town. It was then that I called a friend from Campus who recommended Golden Gates Hotel or Giraffe Ark. The later sounded really good but unfortunately seemed a bit far and so we settled on Golden Gates.

One of the things that i  loved about this hotel is the good service that we received. We called the hotel to get directions and the lady who took our call was patient enough to stay on the phone and answer all our questions. In addition, right from the security guards to the waiters and waitresses, everyone was super friendly.

There is a lot to do at Golden Gates Hotel  and most parents will appreciate the kid’s playground with a bouncing castle.

IMG_20150405_144027 I had to take this pic at an angle so as not to capture any of the kids since i didn’t have authorization to photograph them.

gallery-4This is what the bouncing castle looks like(pic from the website)


The Hotel has plenty of space both inside and outside. This is the restaurant area in the hotel.


Golden Gates Hotel

I was again unable to get photos f the swimming because it would have been weird to photograph strangers in a pool 🙂 However, this is what the pool looks like.

Apart from the inside space, there are also two outside seating areas. One is in front of the hotel and the other one is at the poolside.



I didn’t stay overnight but heard that the hotel also has accommodation.


This is why i liked Golden Gates Hotel;

1. It is near Nyeri town, just about 10kms

2. The location is really good, scenic views of Nyeri, including mount Kenya

3.A great place to relax and also a children-friendly enviroment

4. Great service, tasty foods especially the nyama and a huge pool perfect for a swim on a sunny day


You can get more details about Golden Gates Hotel here;

Info about Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge;

Here is a sneak peak of the Castle;

tafaria 1



I would really love to visit the Girrafe Ark especially after taking a look at their website;

Below are some photos of Giraffe Ark Game Lodge, looks really amazing.

Girraffe ARK



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