7th Heaven at Moof Africa

7th Heaven

7th Heaven
When I see their happy faces smilin’ back at me
7th Heaven
I know there’s no greater feelin’ than the love of family

Where can you go
When the world don’t treat you right
The answer is home
That’s the one place that you’ll find


I found this at the entrance of the Moof Africa grounds, not really sure what it is though but it kinda looks artistic 🙂

Family Time

I always thank God for the gift of family. Every second that I get to spend with them is a great blessing and I hope and pray that I will never take them for granted. They have always been there for me through the tears and laughter and I can’t imagine my life without them.

Going home and spending time with your family and your real friends keeps you grounded.
Jennifer Ellison

I remember in 2013,when I was involved in an accident ,the first person that I thought about was my mother and despite the fact that I was far from her and it was 4:00am, I called her and she answered on the second ring. By 6:00am, she was on Mombasa Road following the ambulance that was taking me to K.N.H. She spent the whole day with me as I went through one test after the other and took me home where she stayed for a week nursing me back to health. That is what family does, they bail you out of tough situations that you get yourself into and they stay with you long after everyone else has left.


outside seating area at Moof Africa
I remember years back after moving out of my folk’s place after getting my  first job, I thought I was finally Miss Independent. However, my first salary got stolen during a robbery at my workplace and so I had to call home and ask for assistance in paying rent .This was a reminder to the young and naive Miss Independent that I was trying to be, that I will always need my family.

I have gotten stranded in foreign lands and my family has bailed me out. This happened in Zanzibar and again in Lamu. Even across the seas, they came through. Truly, I have been blessed with a wonderful family.

Nowadays, nothing makes me happier than traveling to Nanyuki with my brother to see our folks.
Shiro when are you planning on going to driving school?

That is always the first question. And yes, I will go for my driving classes sometime this year. I will also learn how to ride a bicycle and swim. Those were some of the resolutions that I had made for this year.

And then the other questions follow;
Apart from your Masters degree, what other plans do you have?
What plans do you have in regards to your writing?
Utanunua ka plot kamoja angalua lini?
Are you saving your money, did you finally join that SACCO we talked about last time?
I always look forward to spending time with family, praying together, laughing and as always being challenged to better myself. So this is a challenge to you dear reader, always make time for family for they won’t always be around. One day, you will long for that family time but then again, your family may be long gone by then and all you will have will either be memories or regrets.

I love spending time with my friends and family. The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying my friends.
Cindy Morgan

Last weekend, family time was at Moof Africa in Nanyuki.
Moof Africa

Moof Africa by the roadside

Moof Africa is an NGO based in Nanyuki. According to their site, it is described as an eco-village with a restaurant, organic farm and camping site. We came upon Moof Africa by chance but were pleasantly delighted by our discovery.

restaurant pathway

The pathway to the restaurant. The restaurant is a quaint little place set with nature at its backdrop. The place is surrounded by trees and flowers.



outside the restaurant. This looked quite picturesque



cozy little dinning area
The first thing that we noticed about the place was the quiet and serene environment. We found a nice table outdoors where we sat and talked the whole afternoon. Another thing about Moof Africa’s restaurant is that they serve fresh organic foods and juices. We had some nice, think strawberry juices and soups.

Below are photos of the outside sitting area:




There is also a nice playground for kids.

The children’s playground had swing-sets, slides and some old tires(not sure what the tires are for 🙂


The grounds also have camping grounds with well furnished, luxury tents. All the tents have double beds, mosquito nets and an outside bathroom. There is also a bonfire and picnic site.



the beds..

Moof Africa is a great place to visit for anyone looking for a nice quiet getaway with great healthy foods.




Check out this link for more details about Moof Africa: http://moofafrica.com/about/

2 thoughts on “7th Heaven at Moof Africa

  1. Hey Diana, It was really touching to read about family. It made me think. In the act of being independent, we do a lot of things and try to stay away from family. Well I hope you had a great family time at moof Africa 🙂

  2. Family. Family. Family. Nothing like being at home surrounded by them!! That’s a lovely piece, makes me miss my family sooo much. It’s been a while since i saw my fav uncle, this past Sato he reminded me how long it’s been and asked whether my beards are still growing long. yes, i said, zimefika kwa mukonyo sasa LOL!!!!

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