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Maanzoni Lodge

I visited Maanzoni Lodge for the second time this August and just like the first time, I was enchanted by the place. The beautiful lodge is set in such a serene environment making it perfect for weekend getaways or any kind of retreat. The first time that I visited the Lodge was in 2013, going back to the lodge two years later, i was amazed by how much the place had grown. I was informed that the lodge currently has over  270 rooms.

During the two day retreat, there were at least four other groups. It seems that Maanzoni Lodge has become a very popular destination especially for corporate events.

‘Maanzoni Lodge is set on a 10 000-acre ranch with beautiful vistas and wildlife, located in the tropical savannah grassland and in the heart of Lukenya. It is a 40 minute drive to the city centre of Nairobi and 25 minutes from the international airport.’

Here is Maanzoni Lodge in photos:

Beautiful Accomodations

I really wasn’t kidding when i said that the lodge is beautiful. This is a view of the accommodation area is  picturesque, tranquil and breathtaking

Below are some photos of the pool area:

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3

Its a shame that i didn’t get to swim at this magnificent pool, id like to claim that its because i was there for work and not leisure but yeah, water phobia is real 🙂

At night, the pool area becomes the bonfire area. I met groups eating, drinking and singing near the pool at night around bonfires. It gave it a camping feel, really nice.

Lounge 2

Lounge Area

This is the lounge area right at the reception. The staff met us there, welcomed us to lodge and offered us a cold glass of juice before taking us to the rooms. Royal treatment 🙂

Below are some pics of my room. The rooms are quite spacious, clean with comfy beds. There is a TV in each room too. In 2013, i got a room with some kind of a patio with seats outside, really beautiful too.

Room 1

I wish i was allowed to take this bed home with me, it was way too comfy…

Room 2


The bathrooms all have hot showers but you need to ask the staff to show you how to work the showers. I had to do with a cold shower on the first day before i learned the tricks.

Another thing i really love about Maanzoni is the food. Seriously, the chefs outdo themselves with every single meal and honestly, that was my favorite part of the retreat.I bet i gained a Kg or two during the retreat but it was worth it.

Below are pics of the two dinning areas at the lodge.

Dining Area

Inside Dinning Area

The rest are photos of the accommodation area, i have so  many nice shots of this place. Its so beautiful and easy to photograph. I had to restrain myself from uploading too many pics. They were all so lovely. Here are some of my favorite ones:



Accomodation 1IMG_20150731_164839




Next time your organization has a conference or if you are looking for a getaway just outside Nairobi, you should check out Maanzoni Lodge.

Check out their official website for more details:http://www.maanzonilodge.co.ke/

The staff are the lodge are amazing and very helpful. For bookings, i have dealt with Kanini Musau, Sales and Marketing Manager. Her email address is kanini@maanzonilodge.co.ke talk to her if you need any information, she is really friendly and helpful.  I also met Asumpter Kanini, the Guest Relations Officer who gave me a brief tour of the lodge and told me about the expansion, a very lovely and cheerful lady. The whole team was great from the customer care desk, the chefs and their crew and Douglas who facilitated the team building events. They add to the enchantment of the place.

So why go to Maanzoni? Well, id say because its a great, beautiful lodge where you will get to enjoy the serene environment while also enjoying good service from the staff members.Its definitely worth a visit.


One comment on “Maanzoni Lodge

  1. mary
    August 27, 2015

    Thank you , you have explained it all, can’t wait to get there…

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