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Outside My Window


Jumuia Conference and Country Home

I started working at Limuru a couple of years ago. One thing about this town is that it has a  beautiful landscape with a green cover  of trees and tea plantation giving the environment a feeling of serenity and tranquility. Driving down the road, you get the feeling that you are approaching a monastery and quietness must be observed so as not to disturb Mother Nature. Set just 26kms from Nairobi town and right on the backyard of my office is Jumuia Conference and Country Home.


It was interesting taking these shots(photos taken using a tablet and not a sophisticated camera can still be called shots, yes?ok…moving on) outside the hotel. I was so engrossed with the pics that i didn’t notice the people staring from the matatus. They must have thought that i was some kind of a weirdo, photographing trees on a Sunday morning 🙂


Jumuia and I

Through the years, I have visited the resort a couple of times. I have enjoyed many a sumptuous, delicious meal at the hotel and have made a number of memories there. Recently, we had a Church retreat at the resort and I spent my first night there.


Hotel and Church Banners

One of the best aspects of Jumuia Conference and Country Home is the environment in which it is set. As I mentioned earlier on, Limuru is beautiful. Jumuia is surrounded by tall trees and well manicured lawns that make it quite beautiful. Despite being close of the main Limuru road, the resort is quiet and once you get through the gates, you will forget aabout everything happening outside.


The hedge below is trimmed to spell the world ‘welcome‘sorry couldn’t get a good aerial view of it.


I couldn’t take many pictures because this was on Sunday morning before cleanup and there had been a wedding at the location on the previous day. However, i still got this pic.Love the clay vases.



Something for the kids or the young at heart 🙂


Awesome Staff Members
I have met a couple of staff members from the resort who always made me feel welcome and quite valued. The Manager, always shakes hands with the guests and ensures that he knows the frequent ones by name. The food and beverages manager takes personal responsibility to ensure that guest requirements have been met. I have also worked very closely with Josephat, Mary and Sarafina who always go out of their way to make all guests comfortable and have also come through for me especially when iv called them for last minute bookings.

Here are some more pics:


I love art and Jumuia has quite some beautiful artwork


I like the idea of having such bright colors at the reception, makes the place quite inviting and warm. I should do this for my house, mh something to think about 🙂


Lately, i am fascinated by different lamps. Took these pics while people were having breakfast, can only imagine what they were thinking seeing someone that focused on lights.




This is the outside seating area the hotel. Lovely place with great views.



And the table was perfectly set for breakfast…


Next time you are thinking about where to take your date, well…now you have an idea


No, i did not sleep in this room but yes i have seen it and it really is this beautiful


Looking for a wedding venue in Limuru, somewhere to have a retreat, take a date that you are trying to impress, meet an old friend? Jumuia Conference and Country Home is definitely worth check out.

For more informationhttp://www.resortjumuia.com/jumuia-conference-country-home-limuru/

reservations limuru <reservations.limuru@resortjumuia.com


2 comments on “Outside My Window

  1. Esther Osiel
    September 24, 2015

    Awesome! Makes me want to visit the guest house. Thanks Diana.

    • dianagitau
      September 24, 2015

      You should Esther, next time when around Limuru, call me and we can go have some tea there:-) Thanks for visiting the blog.

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