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Dreadlocks, Degrees, Old Friends and Childhood Dreams

Dreadlocks Down
A lot of things have happened in my life this year. For instance, at some point in July, I cut my dreadlocks. I had them for 3 years and I loved them. They represented freedom to me and I liked the natural look. However, I woke up one day, looked at the woman in the mirror and I didn’t like how she looked. The locks represented some kind of oppression at that point, I was sad, I no longer liked how they looked and so without much thought, I went to the salon and had them chopped off. I remember the first time that I cut my hair in 2009; I couldn’t even watch the saloonist cutting my then really long hair. I was emotional and felt a sense of loss. However, cutting my locks this time was like catching a glimpse of the sun after months in solitary confinement. I wanted to look up to the skies, arms wide open and feel the sun on my face. I felt lighter and free. After the excitement of the new change, I am now back to the dilemma of what to do with my hair. I am thinking about having  short hair but then again;  when I was a kid someone once told me that I have the Will Smith ears so I’m not sure if i can rock a short haircut. Perhaps one day I will get the confidence to chop it all off and then I can finally enjoy the feeling of water hitting my scalp when i shower.

This was at the salon, took one last pic


The haircut that i got. still getting used to it though


IMG_20150927_161445In a hat for the first time, experimenting with different looks

Need My Smarts Back
The second big thing that I have done this year is going back to school for my Masters degree. It has been 7 years since I got my first degree. I was excited a bout being a student again. However, I never anticipated just how hard it would be. I don’t know if I lost my smarts, I have always been book smart or maybe I’m just an old lady now with a lot on her mind. The routine of working all day and then rushing off to class from 5:30pm to 8:30pm has been quite a difficult adjustment. The class work seems hard and demanding. I wonder how it will all end. I hope to do well and I do hope the feeling of constant fatigue will soon go away.


The Reunion
Now with the fatigue, I definitely needed a break, something to relax my mind. Luckily, my former classmates had just formed a watsapp group and  planned a reunion. I was excited about catching up with old friends and just getting out of the house for a while and forgetting my books which were getting me all kinds of upset(I’m being dramatic now…lol). The reunion was taking place at Sharks Palace and as usual, I love going to new places.


Sharks Palace
Immediately I got to Sharks Palace, I bumped into Penina who I hadn’t seen in 7 years. Every time I look into the mirror, I see how I have changed with the passing of time. However, looking at her, I’m struck by how much she still looked the same. Next I see Loise and once again, I wondered if I am the only person who has changed with age. She looked stunning, trim figure as always and could easily be mistaken for a 25 year old. We realize that we were the first ones to arrive at the venue and so we take time to look around the place and find a table for the group. At first glance, Shark’s Palace looked like an ordinary nyama choma joint with people around, eating and having drinks(such a Kenyan habit 🙂). The place was quite huge. After the girls and I found a table, I went outside to explore and take some photos of the place before the rest of the group joined us.

A 31 year old child and an Amusement Park
And that is when I saw it, a huge amusement park with all kinds of slides. I literally lost my mind. I couldn’t stop smiling and at first even forgot about taking photos. There were roller coaster/360 rides, merry go rounds(not sure if that’s what they are called these days), 180 swing boat and a lot of other stuff. I can’t even explain the joy I felt at that moment. You need to understand one thing, I had never been to an amusement park before. I envied the kids that were playing on the different rides and at first i was unsure whether i was too old to be allowed to join in on the fun. Nevertheless,I decided to ask the attendant if adults could go on the rides. “Hizi ni za watu wazima kwanza.” He said the magic words. I went back to my reunion with plans to get back to the park at some point.

360 ride


Something for the kids



This is how the merry go round looks like from the ground


Kids have a lot of stuff to do at Sharks Palace



Old Friends and Inspiration
At the reunion, more people had joined the group. We spent time eating, reminiscing, catching up and having a good laugh. It was the best time that I had had in a while. One thing about meeting old friends is that you get some inspiration from them. Learn what others do and this motivates you. That is exactly what happened at the reunion. I was challenged and motivated to do more with my life.

I saw this car at the park, simply beautiful. Old is beautiful.


Ruined Childhood Dreams
At some point, I sneaked off and bravely went for my first merry go round ride. I was so excited as I got buckled in. And then, without warning, my seat was flying off into the air. I looked down and could see the trees and rooftops under my feet. I wanted to get off the ride, I was queasy and scared and without realizing I started screaming, “This was a bad idea, this was a bad idea, bad idea, bad idea.” I imagined the chains breaking and me plunging head first to my death. That is not how I wanted to go out.” 31 year old falls off a merry go round and break her neck!” I won’t lie; I couldn’t wait for the ride to stop.I took some time and was once again seduced by the 360 roller coaster. It looked stable enough unlike the merry go round.  The first ride was terrible, again I got queasy as I clutched on the handles, sitting stiffly singing Amazing Grace silently. However, by the third ride, I was able to loosen my death grip enough to take a photo. Shaken, I went back to the reunion disappointed that my childhood dreams of going to an amusement park had ended in such disappointment.


A picture from on-top of the 360 ride

Daredevil Manenos
Interestingly, at around 8:00pm after most people had left, my friends decided to try out the rides. I have no idea why but I was the first one up there. We got on the 360 boat ride which is the scariest thing that I have ever experienced in my life. We were screaming at first with excitement and at some point everyone was screaming, “STOP ,STOP, STOP.” I don’t know whether he heard us but the attendant actually increased the speed and so the boat rocked so hard that at some point it was all up in the air and we were staring down at the ground. I was glad when that ride ended.



The 180 boat ride with friends


On top of the 360 ride having some real fun finally


Enjoying my second ride


This is how fast the merry go round was moving. Yes i was on it at this point.

A Child’s world
We went for a ride on the 360 ride and this time I had so much fun. I stopped holding the seats and screamed in joy all through the ride. Then came round 2 at the merry go round and again it was a blast. This is what I had dreamt about since I was a child. At that moment, I forgot everything else and I was lost in this new world. I took a tour to a child’s world and I loved it there because there were no worries or concerns.
My reunion was one of the most memorable events of my life.


5 comments on “Dreadlocks, Degrees, Old Friends and Childhood Dreams

  1. inked biker
    January 5, 2016

    I should try out that amusement park, I haven’t been to one since childhood. I see your love for the classic cars knows no bounds.


    • dianagitau
      January 5, 2016

      Hi Malibu, thanks for visiting the blog 🙂 I totally skipped out on that part of my childhood, so it was nice to finally get to visit an amusement park.I love old, small cars hehe if i could, i would get one. You should definitely visit Sharks. Its a great place.

  2. gracemuchiri
    March 6, 2016

    I think adults have the most fun in amusement parks than kids do. Knowing you might not get the chance again anytime soon makes u enjoy the most out of it.
    Ps: I’ve always wanted to jump on a tampoline…It’s on my bucket list actually 🙂 If anyone knows of a place in Nrb where an adult can Comfortably play around let me know.

    • Diana
      March 7, 2016

      haha trampoline sounds interesting. I saw one in Mombasa at Nakumatt Nyali but it was so public, right at the gate 😦 will be on the lookout and I will let you know if i ever see another one.

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