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Book Review:Never Seduce a Sheikh by Jackie Ashenden

This is not my usual kind of book. I used to read historical romance, Mills and Boons and all kinds of Harlequin Romance in high school. As students, we would read the books secretly concealing the covers from the prying eyes of the teachers. It was exciting, something forbidden and as a teenager, a great way to rebel and learn about a world that  we weren’t supposed to know about.

Anyway, I digress.

I found Never Seduce a Sheikh by Jackie Ashenden and decided to read it simply because it had an interesting title and the book cover was… ahem… beautiful.


How deep into the darkness will she have to go to help bring him into the light?
Oil baronness Lily Harkness isn’t so much steel magnolia as titanium cactus. She’s used to living in a man’s world and when she plays, she plays to win. She wants exclusive oil rights to ensure her company remains at the top and she’s not walking away empty handed.
Sheikh Isma’il al Zahara rules his country his way. Always in command, he has his own plans for his country’s oil and it’s not just about the money. But he’s intrigued by the buttoned up business woman who’s come to his country to strike a deal. He can’t help but wonder what’s beneath her icy facade.
Lily’s desires are buried down deep, but her attraction to Isma’il is too strong to deny. Will seducing the sheikh cost Lily her body and her soul?

As I said, the title of the book is what drew me to it. I was also intrigued by the fact that the male protagonist was a Sheikh.

arabian men

I imagined that the Sheikh looked like this guy who was once allegedly  accused of being ‘too handsome’

I am curious about Arab royalty and  hence was interested in the setting of the story, hoping to get nuances of the Arabian Culture. Well, Jackie Ashenden portrays the culture brilliantly in this book.At some point, I found myself in the Arabian desert where beautiful women wear flowing dresses and gold ornaments and belly dance and the men are dark and handsome in their white robes.

beautiful images

I found this image online.I also imagine that the Arabian culture is exotic and simply beautiful.

From the book’s synopsis, it’s clear to see the struggles of Lily and Ismail. However, I’m not sure if it’s the case with all romance novels but the plot of this story  was too simplified, I felt that it lacked depth. For instance, the resolution of the conflicts that Lily and Ismail experienced was sort of rushed through. In addition, the third person narration made me feel like I was watching events unfold from the outside, not really connecting with the characters.
This was an easy, light read. As I said, it’s not really my type of book but still, it was fun to read so you should check it out(especially if you liked 50 Shades of Gray and enjoy romance novels). I look forward to reading more books from Jackie Ashenden but perhaps something a bit different from this one.


2 comments on “Book Review:Never Seduce a Sheikh by Jackie Ashenden

  1. abuamirah
    January 25, 2016

    Seducing a sheikh! Interesting.

    • Diana
      January 26, 2016

      Guessing Sheikhs are to do with Arab royalty as per the book. Interesting?Not so much unless for someone who likes romance novels.

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