Theodore Boone: The Kid Lawyer and Abduction by John Grisham- Book Review

When I was younger, I used to love young adult fiction. My favorite series were Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Sweet Valley High. There were also a Moses series by Barbara Kimenye that I religiously read. Recently, I found out that John Grisham published a book series for young adults and although I’m no longer in that age bracket, I read everything by Grisham. He writes, I read. It’s that simple.


Theo 2
The Kid Lawyer
The Kid Lawyer by John Grisham is the first of five books under the Theodore Boone series published for young adults. It’s about Theodore Boone who is a thirteen year old interested in becoming a lawyer or a great judge. Theo’s parents are also lawyers.His mum, Marcela is a divorce lawyer and his dad, Woods is an insurance lawyer. Theo makes it very clear that he would never venture in anything other than criminal law because he loves the courtroom drama. Although Theo is only thirteen years old, he knows everything about law and spends a lot of time in the courthouse. He knows every lawyer, judge and courtroom clerk. He also gives legal advice to his classmates and sometimes to the staff at his school too.
Once a murder trial begins at the courthouse, Theo organizes for his class to watch the first day of trial and keeps going back to the courthouse to catch the drama However, things take a drastic turn when Theo gets involved in the trial. He comes across a key witness who has critical information about the murder. Theo is then forced to get involved and try to convince the witness to come forward.

“Ms Finney shared an office on the third floor with several other court reporters. Their software system was called Veritas. Theo had hacked into it before when he had been curious about something that happened in court. It was not a secure system because the information was available in open court. Anyone could walk into the courtroom and watch the trial. Anyone, of course, who was not confined by the rigors of middle school.”
John Grisham, Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

On the other hand, Theo’s best friend, April is caught up in a custody battle between her parents. Theo tries to help April with her legal issues by explaining things to her and offering her some much needed comfort.
Young readers (and adults that are young at heart) will absolutely love this book. The Kid Lawyer is written in simple language and has a good, easy flow. It is also action packed and readers will be intrigued by Theo’s antiques and also the twists and turns of the trial. The books ends in such a way that readers will be compelled to get the next book in the series to find out how the trial goes.

theo 3

The Abduction
The Abduction is the second book by John Grisham under the Theodore Boone series. The protagonist once again is Theo who is back again to solve another mystery. This time, Theo’s friend, April is abducted in the middle of the night. Everyone is worried about April and some fear that she might be dead. The police also do not seem to be making much progress in their investigation. Theo decided to get involved and find April by conducting his own search with the help of some of his friends.
Like the first book, The Abduction is well paced and has enough suspense to keep readers turning the pages.

“My friend, our classmate, has been snatched by an escaped criminal who was sent to prison because he’s a kidnapper. It’s not like this happens every day around here. We should’ve been out there on the streets helping with the manhunt, but no, we were stuck in school where all we did was talk about searching for April.” “Nonsense. Leave the manhunt to the professionals, Theo. We have a fine police force in this city.” “Well, they haven’t found her yet. Maybe they need some help.” “Help from whom?” Theo cleared his throat and clenched his jaw. He stared straight at his father, and got ready to tell the truth. He’d been taught to confront the truth head-on, hold nothing back,”
John Grisham, Theodore Boone: The Abduction

I recommend this book to the younger readers (there is no age limit to this). The Abduction is a simple yet thrilling book which is quite a page turner. I look forward to reading the remaining three books (The Accused, The Activist and The Fugitive). I can’t wait to follow Theodore Boone in his next adventure.

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