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The Mt. Kenya Royal Cottages



The farthest from home that I have been is Zanzibar. I have also been to the lovely Lamu Island and of course Mombasa. I love islands  and so would like to visit more of them. This year, I plan to make my first trip to Malindi. I also dream of visiting Rusinga Islands someday or at least Kisumu where I have never been to.

According to Google images, this is what Rusinga Island looks like.

There are many benefits of traveling; I think my favorite one is that you get to learn other people’s culture. For instance; I learned just how gentle and friendly Tanzanians are after visiting Dar Es Saalam and Zanzibar. Its at Zanzibar that I saw the most beautiful sunsets.One evening, seated at Forodhani gardens, my brother and I sat in awe of how beautiful the island was and even wondered if that is what paradise looked like. In Lamu,  I learned about people whose lives are not dictated by time, an island where there are no official opening and closing hours for businesses and sometimes when it’s so hot, businesses close in the middle of the day and people go off to sleep. It’s a Lamu that I had the most adventure; I had a drink on a floating bar/restaurant in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I also took a ride in a dhow that kept being thrown around in the ocean waves.

2013-07-01 18.13.54Beautiful sunset at Zanzibar

The Mount Kenya Royal Cottages

One place that I have had the privilege of touring extensively is my hometown, Nanyuki. I have been to tens of places but still keep discovering new ones. That is the thing about Nanyuki, there are so many places to visit and each place offers a different experience.  The Mt. Kenya Royal Cottages is my latest discovery.


I saw the sign post for the Mr. Kenya Royal Cottages along the Narumoro- Nanyuki stretch sometime back.  The resort is located on a ka-hilly area and it’s not visible from the road. One day, my family and I decided to make the drive up the ka-small hill and check the place out. We found a wonderful little restaurant with very friendly staff. Interestingly, the prices for foods and drinks are far from being pricey. We had coffee/ tea pots and paid about 200shs only. The place was quite scenic and so we enjoyed a nice quite afternoon just catching up with each other and with nature.


On our way out, we talked to one of the staff members and he agreed to give us a tour around the resort and especially the cottages. Here are some pictures of the quaint cottages at the Mount Kenya Royal Cottages.


Check out this link for more details about the Mt. Kenya Royal Cottages;http://www.africanspicesafaris.com/mount_kenya_royal_cottages_nanyuki.html


5 comments on “The Mt. Kenya Royal Cottages

  1. mukul chand
    February 26, 2016

    Great Post and pics.

  2. mohrewkey
    February 29, 2016

    Awesome place. Would love to spend some time there.

    • Diana
      February 29, 2016

      Yes it is lovely,check it out next time you visit Nanyuki 🙂

  3. Nkirote Mworia
    March 18, 2016

    Hey Dee,what are the rates.Looks like a calm lovely place.Nanyuki is a beauty.

    • Diana
      March 18, 2016

      Hey Mo, yes it is a great place and really serene and beautiful. Click on the link at the bottom of the post to get the full rates.

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