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March 15: Ten Books on My Spring TBR
Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week, book bloggers get a topic which entails giving a list of ten things based on the topic.




This is my first participation in Top Ten Tuesday and I am pretty excited about it. I love the Broke and the Bookish blog and have read a number of Top Ten Tuesday lists from other bloggers so I guess it’s about time I join the fun…
The topic for today is Ten Books on My Spring TBR. After my initial excitement about my first TTT, I quickly realized that I have to change the topic a bit because we don’t have seasons here so no spring for me. However, Google gives spring 2016 as March 20th to June 19th, this is what I used  to guide my list. On my list,I have books that are yet to be released, one that is on my wish list and a few that I should  have read ages ago.
Books yet to be released– I have included the blurbs and release dates.
1. Beware that Girl by Teresa Toten

Beware that Girl

As the scholarship student at the elite Waverly School in NYC, Kate has her work cut out for her: her plan is to climb the social ranks and land a spot at Yale. When the handsome and whip-smart Mark Redkin joins the Waverly administration as head of fundraising, he immediately charms his way into the faculty and students’ lives–especially Olivia’s, although she doesn’t share what’s going on. It becomes increasingly obvious that Redkin poses a threat to Kate, too, in a way she can’t reveal and can’t afford to ignore. Mark has his own plan for a bright future and never doubts that he can pull it off. How close can Kate and Olivia get with Mark without having to share their dark pasts?

Expected publish date:May 31st 2016

2. Don’t Tell, Don’t Tell, Don’t Tell by Liane Shaw

Dont TellSixteen-year-old Frederick has a lot of rules for himself. Like if someone calls him Freddy he doesn’t have to respond; he only wears shirts with buttons and he hates getting dirty. His odd behavior makes him an easy target for the “Despisers” at school, but he’s gotten used to eating lunch alone in the Reject Room. Angel, in tenth grade but already at her sixth school, has always had a hard time making friends because her family moves around so much. Frederick is different from the other kids she’s met – he’s annoyingly smart, but refreshingly honest – and since he’s never had a real friend before, she decides to teach him all her rules of friendship. But after Angel makes a rash decision and disappears, Frederick is called in for questioning by the police and is torn between telling the truth and keeping his friend’s secret. Her warning to him – don’t tell, don’t tell, don’t tell – might have done more harm than good.

Expected publish date: April 15th 2016
3. Mexican Hooker # 1 by Carmen Aguirre

Mexican HookerCarmen Aguirre has lived many lives, all of them to the full. At age six she was a Chilean refugee adjusting to life as a Latina in North America. At eighteen she was a revolutionary dissident married to a generous-hearted man she couldn’t fully love. In her early twenties she fought to find her voice as an actress and to break away from the stereotypical roles thrust upon her–Housekeeper, Hotel Maid, Mexican Hooker #1–all the while navigating the complex paths of lust and heartbreak. As she grew in her career, Aguirre became a writer, a director, an actress, and then a mother, but alongside her many multi-faceted identities was another that was unbearable to embrace yet impossible to escape; that of the thirteen-year-old girl attacked by one of Canada’s most feared rapists. Thirty-three years after the assault, Aguirre decided it was time to meet the man who changed her life.

Expected publish date: April 12th 2016


Wish List
4. November 9 by Coleen Hover

November 9
I haven’t yet found a copy of this book. Based on a number of reviews that I have read, this seems to be a great read. I hope to find it sometime soon and hopefully I will end up liking it as much as everyone else did




Books on my TBR
5. To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

To Killa Mocking Bird
I know, I know…I am even embarrassed to admit that I am yet to read this book. I have read so many reviews about it and one blogger even mentioned that the book changed her life. I definitely plan on reading it now.


6. The Native Son by Richard Wright

Native Son
I have also heard a lot about this book and luckily, I found it at the library where I work.



7. The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

I can’t recall where I heard about this book but I decided to add to my spring TBR. Luckily, our library has a copy and so I know where to find the book.


8. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl  by Anne Frank, Edited by Otto H. Frank and Mirjam Pressler

Ann Frank
Since I read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, I have been looking for other books concerning the holocaust. This book came highly recommended by other readers so I decided to add it to my list.

9. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I have watched the miniseries and I loved it. I have been planning on reading the book for a while now. Already found a copy of the book at the library.


10. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

My 2016 reading challenge this year included reading classics. Word around is that this is one of the best classics ever written. I already found a copy of the book at the library. It looks pretty big but I can’t wait to read it.

So those are my ten books on my spring TBR. Let me know if you have read any of them. What are your thoughts about them?
 Side note:Yesterday I posted a review on The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin. I was beyond excited when I found out that Lola  read and liked my review.


She retweeted it, sending lots of traffic my way in terms of blog hits, follows (on the blog and on social media) which was pretty exciting. Lola has confirmed that she is working on another book and I can’t wait to read it! Thank you Lola Shoneyin for letting me know that my little blog is actually reaching people out there (not just here in Kenya) but in the world.




148624-taylor-swift-hot-waving-gif-tu-xus3Until next Tuesday

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

    1. My TBR list is quite ambitious but I do hope to read all of them 🙂 Thanks. I hope to enjoy To Kill a Mockingbird, my expectations are way up there so anything else would be disappointing.

      Thank for visiting the blog 🙂

      1. Exactly! I’m hoping to read more classics this year and this one is second on my list. Next to Pride and Prejudice.

    1. heh a book that Abu has read and liked. I’m not even going to borrow it. Buying my own copy now. Thanks 🙂

  1. That is indeed an ambitious list–so many classics. I definitely hope you get to enjoy To Kill a Mockingbird. And if you get to Anna Karenina… I’m curious about that one myself, even though I haven’t really read a classic in a long time.

    Happy reading!

    1. Thanks Ani.I look forward to reading To Kill the Mocking Bird.I’ll share my reviews of all the books.Hope to enjoy Karenina too.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

    1. Thank you.Lola’s Tweet was quite a pleasant surprise and of course something even better than the RT will come your way 🙂

      Thanks for visiting the blog

  2. Nice list! I ended up re-reading TKAM last year, and was so happy that I did (and then convinced the rest of my family to read it as well). 🙂 I’ve read books 7 – 10 on your list, and what is there to say? They’re all worth reading for sure. Enjoy!

    1. Wow 7 out 10.I really do look forward to reading TKAMB.Seems like everyone who has read it ended up liking it.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3.  Hi Lumpin, Wait until tomorrow until you have calmed down. Why an email? Why not speak privately on the basis ‘you and I both know you fecked up….’ Love Daddy

    Sent from Samsung tabletVoices

      1. Hi again, Diana! I saw your comment. You can follow my blog with Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin’ in the sidebar, and waaaaaaaay down at the bottom, I have things where you can follow by email or subscribe to the post feed. Does that help? 🙂

  4. I haven’t read TKAM since high school, but it was one of those books that really affected me. Hope you love it!! Actually, Jane Eyre was similar, but I read it in University. Definitely both great books to have on your list.

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