Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a meme hosted by Books and a BeatThis is an opportunity to share the books that you have recently found and added to your TBR.

I am trying not to buy new books before I read all the news ones already  on my bookshelf. Kandi-Budget1However, I never turn down a good offer. Last weekend, I was walking in Nairobi town when I found a street vendor selling old books. I found three nice, old books for only a dollar (Kshs.120).



So here are my Friday Finds.

A Brother’s Journey by Richard Pelzer and A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer- I picked these two because they are based on true life stories. Richard and Dave are brothers who went through unimaginable abuse at the hands of their mother. I have read, Dave’s other book, Lost Boy which a reviewed sometime back.

Atonement by Ian McEwan- I picked it simply because of the lovely cover.


So those are my new (old) books. 0c9f41b0-9ab9-0133-985b-0a6c20e5e327


Did you find any new books this week? Have you read any of the books on my list.Share your links and comments. I would like to read about your new gems.

I am going away  on a road trip to Malindi(Kenyan Coast) today, sun and beaches all weekend, yay!Excited about the 8 hours bus drive and I hope to read something fun  on the way.I am traveling solo(with a travel company though) so hopefully, there will be some nice people on the trip too.

Happy Easter!

15 thoughts on “Friday Finds

    1. So true.I also get secondhand books most of the times.I have less than 5 new books and they were all gifts.Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much:-) The trip is great so far.Two comments mention how good the movie is so I’m definitely excited to read the book,I’ll post my review soon 🙂

  1. I’ve been wanting to get Atonement forever now. I haven’t seen the movie either but my friend told me it’s very good and played by Keira K.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thank you.I’ll share my thoughts on Atonement as soon as I am done.If the movie is good then I bet the book should be very good :-)Hope you get your copy too.

  2. A child called it, is amazing, it is so heart breaking but reading through the whole series of David’s life is so inspirational and he is such a strong person. If you like it You should check out Child C it is very similar to a boy called it 😊

    1. Thank you. I read his second book Lost Boy but I should have started with A Child Called it. Loved the second book and I agree, his story is inspirational. I will definitely look for Chic C. Thanks for the recommendation.

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