Book Review:Luggage by Emily Barr

Book Review
Title: Luggage
Author: Emily Barr
Genre: Fiction
Published: 2002
Pages: 346

About the book:
She claims to be someone else. But you’d recognize her anywhere.
Back in England you tell your journalist boyfriend. While he never knew her, he always knew of her- her name is Daisy Fraser and she was awaiting trial over the death of four people when she jumped off the Severn Bridge.
He Says: Happy Christmas- I’m taking you to Australia to find Daisy.He thinks: This could be the scoop of the century.

In this suspense thriller, a backpacker in Australia meets fugitive. She discovers that this wanted woman now leads a new life. She is a wife, mother of a ten year old and is expecting her second child. In addition, the woman also has a new name. It’s evident that she has spent a lot of time and effort in burying her past. However, the backpacker is very sure that the woman is a fugitive from England and not the woman that she now claims to be. The backpacker goes back to England and tells her journalist boyfriend about the encounter. Her boyfriend knows that this is a big story, one that can make his career and so he plans on going back to Australia to find Daisy Fraser, the wanted woman.
Daisy is currently living a new life as Lina in a land far away from her past. Years back in London, Daisy had committed a crime that had sent her to trial. She faked her suicide and managed to get away to Australia. In the little town of Craggy Rock, Lina/Daisy is now living a comfortable life with her new family until her past finally catches up with her.
The woman who finds Lina is not just any other backpacker; she was once her best friend. Jessica knows that Lina is Daisy and is determined to find out about her old friend who everyone assumed committed suicide.
Emma Barr does a good job in creating a story that is suspenseful right from the start. The story is quite fast paced and I was captivated right from the start. The characters are easy to engage with especially the protagonist, Lina.
Baggage by Emma Barr is quite an enjoyable read that will keep you turning the pages up to the end.

2 thoughts on “Book Review:Luggage by Emily Barr

  1. Lol I actually read this a while ago but didn’t get to review it then.I am on a roll with the thrillers though.I have read six in May so far.

    PS:I am sorry for the late response.Had scheduled this review but been away taking exams for the past 2 weeks.Thanks for reading and commenting though.

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