Birthday Post and June Wrap-Up

I decided to do my monthly wrap-up today so that I can combine it with my birthday post.

Another year…

Today is my birthday. I stopped celebrating birthdays when I turned 30 two years ago. I guess it is because each birthday started reminding me of all things that I am yet achieve plus everyone else was getting married and having kids and I was just doing other stuff(that didn’t involve getting married and having kids). However, this year I choose to think about the good things that took place in the last year like;

  • Got promoted at work after working at the same post for 3 years
  • Finally enrolled to undertake my Masters degree (I am now in my last semester). It has been 8 years since I got my first degree.
  • I went zip-lining and bungee jumping
  • I went to Malindi. I had traveled to all coastal islands in Kenya apart from this one. I also attended my first Concours D’elegance event. Of course I wore a fancy hat like everyone else lol
  • I cut my hair, went natural and learned how to learn how to braid it without going to the salon
  • I lost 13kgs (28 pounds). It took a lot of work but I am finally go down to the right weight according to my BMI and it feels good too
  • I participated in the reading in usual places challenge where I read aloud to strangers at a park, yeah there was a lot of staring and attempts to move away from the mad woman reading aloud lol. I also read at a cinema and finally, a brothel. Yep, never seen the inside of one until that day, I got terrified at some point and left mid-event but that was definitely something








So I am not where I would have liked to be at 32 but I am still grateful for where I am. I am also thankful for my family (mum, dad and my 2 bros) and my friends. I am also pretty excited about this blog. 300 followers since my last birthday and a number of new, bookish, online friends along the way, Yay. So cheers to a new year!

Books that I read in June

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 Books that I plan to read in July


I hope you had a wonderful June.Have a wonderful new month!