Birthday Post and June Wrap-Up

I decided to do my monthly wrap-up today so that I can combine it with my birthday post.

Another year…

Today is my birthday. I stopped celebrating birthdays when I turned 30 two years ago. I guess it is because each birthday started reminding me of all things that I am yet achieve plus everyone else was getting married and having kids and I was just doing other stuff(that didn’t involve getting married and having kids). However, this year I choose to think about the good things that took place in the last year like;

  • Got promoted at work after working at the same post for 3 years
  • Finally enrolled to undertake my Masters degree (I am now in my last semester). It has been 8 years since I got my first degree.
  • I went zip-lining and bungee jumping
  • I went to Malindi. I had traveled to all coastal islands in Kenya apart from this one. I also attended my first Concours D’elegance event. Of course I wore a fancy hat like everyone else lol
  • I cut my hair, went natural and learned how to learn how to braid it without going to the salon
  • I lost 13kgs (28 pounds). It took a lot of work but I am finally go down to the right weight according to my BMI and it feels good too
  • I participated in the reading in usual places challenge where I read aloud to strangers at a park, yeah there was a lot of staring and attempts to move away from the mad woman reading aloud lol. I also read at a cinema and finally, a brothel. Yep, never seen the inside of one until that day, I got terrified at some point and left mid-event but that was definitely something








So I am not where I would have liked to be at 32 but I am still grateful for where I am. I am also thankful for my family (mum, dad and my 2 bros) and my friends. I am also pretty excited about this blog. 300 followers since my last birthday and a number of new, bookish, online friends along the way, Yay. So cheers to a new year!

Books that I read in June

Click on the titles to read the reviews for each book.

 Books that I plan to read in July


I hope you had a wonderful June.Have a wonderful new month!


  1. Happy birthday!!
    I hate the pressure that comes with certain birthdays. At 20 you are supposed to travel, enjoy life, blabla. 25, you need a job and to start looking for a guy. 30 you must be on the way to your wedding if it’s not done already, with a steady job and a cat. Let’s forget all of this! Your year looks filled with great things! Congratulations 🙂 The read in unusual places challenge sounds like so much fun! I would never have thought of a brothel,haha!

    1. Thanks Donna ❤ and yes,let's forget it all.Those pressures steal the joy of living.The brothel experience was quite something lol There was a lot of staring and suspicion going on from both sides:-)

  2. Happy Birthday! Age is just a number, it’s the experience that counts! And judging by the things you listed, it seems like you’re enjoying life 😀

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day! In the past year, you’ve done so much, and that’s more than enough reason to celebrate 🙂

  4. Happy birthday! Even if you’re not exactly where you want to be, it seems like you have a great attitude about things. You have done a lot of awesome things this year (congrats especially on the promotion!), so just keep enjoying what you enjoy!

    That random reading places sounds awesome… Seriously, a brothel?!

    1. Thanks Cori :-)I will keep doing that and focusing on the positive things 🙂 Yeah,we went to a brothel.A lot of stares but it was something.

    And congrats on all your achievements there. Sounds awesome that you went bungee jumping and ziplining is such fun.

  6. Happy Birthday! I’m glad to have met you through your blog!
    Hope you have a great day and that this year brings you much joy, good health and dream fulfillment! You deserve much happiness! ❤

  7. Happy birthday! And congratulations on your promotion! I know a lot of people who are loyal employees and have not received the promotions they deserve, compared to others who do less than what is required and are always the first to be complimented and considered for those things. I understand how you feel – I am not where I thought I would be at my age either, but I am thankful for things that didn’t happen, not allowing me to be where I envisioned, because they weren’t right for me. I am better off “behind” others in this sense. What an interesting challenge – reading to strangers in such locations! That had to have been nerve-wracking. Good luck with your last semester!

    1. I really love this comment and especially this bit…I am not where I thought I would be at my age either, but I am thankful for things that didn’t happen, not allowing me to be where I envisioned, because they weren’t right for me. I am better off “behind”………..puts everything into perspective. Thanks a lot Charlie for the beautiful message and the wonderful wish ❤

  8. Happy Birthday Diana!
    Always a pleasure to read your posts. Also pursuing my Masters right now and I think you had something to do with me starting them. So you are actually impacting other peoples lives in more than one ways 🙂
    To a prosperous 2016/17, keep the awesome blog posts going, they mean more to many than you know 😉

    1. Glad to hear about the impact Kevin and all the best with your Masters studies :-)Thanks for the wishes too and all the support through the years ❤

  9. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great year! 🙂 And a lot of interesting books to look forward in July as well, enjoy!

  10. Happy Birthday Diana!😁

    Age is just a number. Some of my friends, actually majority of them, is already married and in La-la land while I’m still single and that doesn’t bother me..😸

    My standard is quite high because of all my book boyfriends, lol.. Nah, just haven’t met that person who clicks with my personality. And yes, that guy who will woo me with lots of books instead of inedible flowers.. 🌸

    That’s a lot of books. And as addendum to books I added on my TBR because of one of your posts, these books would be:

    The Stepmother, The Sister and Where I Lost Her..👍

    1. Thanks Angie:-)Book boyfriends set such high standards lol. Anyway, a man who knows how awesome book gifts are is definitely a gem:-)And the right person will come your way soon. I think mine is here already, just waiting for the next step now.

      I hope that you will enjoy the three books. The Sister and Where I lost her were really good. I am reading The Stepmother now.

    1. Thank you Rita. I just visited your blog right now. I can see you are on hiatus but will go check the past posts. Thanks for the lovely message 🙂

  11. Happy (Belated) Birthday!!! I hope you had an awesome day ♥

    Whilst I’m not 30 (4 more years to go) I totally understand what you’re saying about feeling like you haven’t achieved enough. I feel like everyone my age is travelling the world or settling down and I’m just kinda….. here, haha. I love that you’re focusing on the positives though which is definitely what I need to keep reminding myself! Judging by that list you’ve had a great year!! And that reading challenge!!! Major props and respect to you for putting yourself out there like that.

    Great reading month and haul too!! I haven’t read these, but I’ve been interested in All The Missing Girls and I’m yet to read The Book Thief, but I Am the Messenger is also on my TBR.

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