Book Review: Twisted by Hannah Jayne

Synopsis (from goodreads)

Screenshot_2016-07-18-13-39-16When her father is accused of being a serial killer, Bex becomes the ultimate bait in this game of cat and mouse

Bex is ready to start a new life in foster care. There, she won’t be known as a serial killer’s daughter. Though her father was never tried for the murders attributed to “The Wife Collector,” he disappeared after questioning. And Bex struggles with the guilt that she provided the circumstantial evidence that convicted him in the public’s perception—and drove him to abandon her.

But when a body turns up in her new hometown, all signs point to the Wife Collector. Bex’s old life isn’t ready to let her go. The police want to use Bex to lure in her father. But is she baiting a serial killer or endangering an innocent man?


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**.

Twisted by Hannah Jayne is a captivating, fast read. I was sucked in to the story right from the first page. It has a nice, easy flow with enough suspense that had me engrossed in the narrative. The mystery is built really well and the chapters are short hence making this quite a quick read.

What I liked it

I liked the story-line. I enjoy reading books that feature serial killers(that sounds weird but its true) and this one didn’t disappoint in that aspect. I also liked the angle of the narration whereby the narrator was the serial killer’s daughter. The relationship between the two (killer and his daughter) played out well. It is confusing and creepy at the same time.

I loved some of the  characterization in the book. Bex as the main character was likeable as the heroine of the story. She tried to control her fate as much as possible despite the fact that she was hesitant to act most of the time.

I really liked her foster parents, Michael and Denise and I enjoyed reading about their relationship. They were such a cool, loving couple who treated Bex like a princess while still enforcing some parental discipline. The fact that her foster parents accepted her from the start was quite endearing. Unfortunately, I didn’t like or connect with any of the other characters such as Bex’s friends at school.

The setting for this book was also wonderful. I liked the idea of a small town and a local high school. The use of flashbacks to give the background story was also a nice touch that helped in moving the plot forward.

What I didn’t like…

There were some aspects of predictability in the narrative. I like books that can surprise me. This one was fairly predictable with only one twist that actually gave me some minor doubts. Otherwise, I accurately predicted everything else including the ending. Although Bex was sympathetic, her naivety in some instances was frustrating. I also felt like the ending was predictable and quite rushed.

However, YA mystery is a new genre to me. I guess that explains some of the issues that I had with this book.

Final thoughts….

I recommend Twisted by Hannah Jayne to fans of psychological thrillers who also enjoy YA mysteries. The book’s pacing is really good and despite the short-comings, it is an interesting read. The eerie vibe in the story made it quite suspenseful and had me turning pages to the end.




About the Book

Title: Twisted
Author: Hannah Jayne
Publication: July 5, 2016
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Teen, YA Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 320

My Rating: 3 and a 1/2 stars


  1. I felt pretty much the same way as you. After reading some really fantastic thrillers with twists you didn’t see coming, this one was a but predictable for me.

    1. That was definitely the main issue with this book. Such a promising story-line but a bit predictable. I wonder if its because it is YA mystery.

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