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Top Ten Psychological Thrillers

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by  The Broke and the Bookish. Each week, bloggers get a topic which entails giving a list of ten things based on the topic.

Today’s instructions were as follows: September 13: Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Books Of X Genre (I know, I know. Picking all time faves. I’m MEAN. But I like knowing people’s definitive faves). Can also break it down into sub-genre if that helps?

I read almost all book genres apart from Sci-Fi and Fantasy which I am yet to try out. My favorite genre is psychological thrillers but I couldn’t list my all time favorite books so I settled on listing the best books in this genre that I have read in 2016. Anyway, in no particular order, here are my 2016 top 10 psychological thrillers:


I recommend The Sister by Louise Jensen to all fans of psychological thrillers. It’s a story about secrets, deception and lost friendships all masterfully told with suspense that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Seriously, if you like psychological thrillers then you should go get this book.

The Beauty of the End by Debbie Howells- I enjoyed reading this book and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. If you fancy a good love story with the right amount of twists, mystery and tragedy then this one is for you.

Pretty Baby and Don’t you cry by Mary Kubica- Really awesome psychological thrillers. I enjoyed Pretty Baby more but both were really good.

After She Fell by Mary Jane Riley is the kind of book that will keep you guessing up to the last page.

The Chosen Child by Linda Huber is a book about murder, secrets, lust, deception and families torn apart. It is that kind of book that will have you turning the pages frantically as you search for answers.

The Girl from the Sea is one of the best psychological thrillers that I have ever read this year. I have never read an amnesiac thriller before so I found the angle to pretty intriguing. It is the kind of story that will take you on a roller-coaster ride. It will get you making the wrong guesses  before throwing huge twists at you. It is short and captivating and I bet it will make a great read for everyone who enjoys these kinds of books.

After Anna by Alex Lake was quite a fascinating read. I devoured the book in just a day and couldn’t put it down until I was done. I just had to get all the answers! The pacing is wonderful with so much happening in each chapter hence I was at the edge of my seat until the last page.

You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes- I actually liked the serial killer featured in this books.Twisted, dark by quite thriller.

The Girl in the Ice and The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza- If you enjoy reading thrillers/mystery then you definitely need to read Robert Bryndza books. You can start with The Girl in the Ice just so that you can get familiar with the characters. However, you can still enjoy reading The Night Stalker as a standalone. Brilliant, enjoyable and thrilling page turners.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth WareThe twists and turns had me at the edge of my seat up to the last page.

closed doorsBehind Closed Door by B. A Paris

One of the darkest books that I have ever read.This story is very fast paced that it reminded me of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It also reminded me of the movie American Psychopath.

Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris is the kind of story that will make you look around and think twice about the people around you. You will look at the smiling faces and truly wonder about what happens behind the closed doors and if it matches what is portrayed outside.I absolutely loved this book.


Okay, I guess those are my top 14 psychological thrillers of 2016, sorry couldn’t do just 10.Click on the titles to read my review for each book. Have you read any of these books?

What did you do for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday? Feel free to leave me your links on the comment sections.

Happy Tuesday!

25 comments on “Top Ten Psychological Thrillers

  1. abooknerd13
    September 13, 2016

    I will have to try some of these out. I love psychological thrillers, but I haven’t read a lot of them.

    • Diana
      September 13, 2016

      I hope that you will enjoy the ones that you decide to try out. Thanks for stopping by:-)

  2. mreadsbooks
    September 13, 2016

    I haven’t read any of those! Although The Woman in Cabin 10 is on my tbr. And I’ll definitely keep your list in mind in case I get a taste for more of the sort 😛

    • Diana
      September 13, 2016

      I hope that you will enjoy The Woman in Cabin 10 as much as I did. It is a good thriller with a great setting.

  3. thebookishlibra
    September 13, 2016

    I haven’t read any of these yet but most of them are in my TBR pile because I keep hearing great things about them.

    • Diana
      September 13, 2016

      I hope that you will enjoy them once you get around to reading them. Thanks for stopping by:-)

  4. Annie
    September 13, 2016

    Lovely selection, you know how much I love these! Have you read Before I Go To Sleep? Also about “amnesia” AND IT’S FREAKING AMAZING

    • Diana
      September 14, 2016

      I haven’t read that yet but definitely adding it to my TBR.Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

      • Annie
        September 14, 2016

        You’ll love it!!!!!

  5. Puput @ Sparkling Letters
    September 13, 2016

    I have to admit I almost never read psychological thriller before. My imagination can get pretty wild and scares me, so… :’) I haven’t read any of these but I’m sure I have read several in this genre. Does Gone Girl count?haha will check them out later! 😀

    • Diana
      September 14, 2016

      hahaha Gone Girl does count. Its one of the best books in this genre. Thanks for stopping by and commenting:-)

  6. Trish
    September 13, 2016

    What a list!! I don’t venture into this genre very often but some that I enjoyed include Before I Go to Sleep and Into the Woods (I keep meaning to read more of Tana French).

    • Diana
      September 14, 2016

      I am yet to read any books by Tana French though I have heard of the author. I will definitely try to get some of her books. I will start with the two that you have recommended. Thanks a lot:-)

  7. Petra
    September 13, 2016

    I’ve only read You, but damn, that was manipulative and creepy. Will definitely read Hidden Bodies soon. Great list. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my TTT earlier! 🙂

    • Diana
      September 14, 2016

      You was quite something!Hidden Bodies is good too so I hope that you will enjoy it.Thanks a lot for returning the visit.Happy Wednesday.

  8. ChrissiReads
    September 13, 2016

    Fantastic list. I love psychological thrillers. I need to read more from Mary Kubica.

    • Diana
      September 14, 2016

      Thanks Chrissi.I have read only two books by Kubica and they were both really good so I also hope to read more from her.

  9. Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense
    September 13, 2016

    This is a perfect list with October just around the corner. I might need to look into some of these for next month. Thanks for all the recs!

    • Diana
      September 14, 2016

      Thanks Alicia and you’re welcome 🙂

  10. rosemawrites
    September 14, 2016

    This is epic! Got to bookmark this! 😀 😀 😀

  11. Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews
    September 14, 2016

    Love this! I read a lot of YA thrillers, but really want to try and branch out to more adult fiction ones. I’ve read and loved You!! It’s one of my favourite reads of the year. I haven’t read Hidden Bodies yet, but I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I really want to read The Woman in Cabin 10 and the Mary Kubica books too. I’ll definitely be checking out some of the others you listed to!

  12. Frank Frisson
    January 8, 2017

    Psychological thrillers are my favorite genres too. Appreciated this post Diana.

  13. Thanks for this awesome list. I need to look into some of these books.

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