Anonymous Bookaholic Tag

I was tagged by Monique over at That Wild Soul to do this tag. You need to check out her awesome blog and follow her. Check out her answers for this Tag over here.

SMELL IT.gifWhat do you like about buying new books?

The possibility of a new adventure. You know that feeling you get when you don’t exactly know how you will feel about a book but you are still excited about the possibilities.

How often do you buy new books?

Do second handbooks count? I only buy new books as gifts. My workplace has a wonderful bookshop which is quite affordable since employees do not have to pay in cash but the cost is deducted from  salary and in installments. However, I buy my books from secondhand (street) vendors in Nairobi every time I go to the city.Sometimes its weekly, monthly but at most every once in two months.

Bookstore or online book shopping – Which do you prefer?

I have never bought any books online so I’ll go with the bookstore. I like holding the books, reading the blurbs, comparing them with other books, considering my wallet and then finally taking ‘the finalists’ home.


jonesDo you have a favorite bookshop?

I don’t have a favorite bookshop but I do have a favorite street vendor. He is a wonderful young man who sells books near my bus stage. He amuses me with random recommendations. Last week, he told me that all women in Nairobi have read Bridget Jones Diary. I bought a copy of the book because; well… if all women in Nairobi have read the book…. I mean, I don’t know how accurate his statistics are but what kind of legacy would that be.”Diana, the only woman in Nairobi who never read Bridget Jones Diary.” I couldn’t allow that.

This guy always has book offers like, Buy 10 for the price of 7. Yeah, that is how he got me to buy 10 books one Saturday morning despite the fact that I had only planned on getting 3. I wonder if he gives similar offers to all Shoppers or just the bookaholics.

Do you pre-order books?

Does it count when you send a vendor to look for a book for you? I am not sure if that is the same as pre-ordering though.

i-love-this-book-gifDo you have a monthly book buying limit?

I have no such thing!

Book buying bans – Are they something for you?

I am on a NetGalley book borrowing ban but I have never really been successful in an actual book buying ban.

How big is your wishlist?


Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own NOW?

  • Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McReight
  • The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
  • What We Saw by Aaron Hartlzer

My nominees


7 thoughts on “Anonymous Bookaholic Tag

  1. I always get excited when I see someone else say they prefer bookstores to buying online too! There’s just something magical about stacks/shelves of books all around you :). Also, it feels good to support the people who are actually working in the brick and mortar stores (or the cart, as the case may be!) instead of just doing it all online. I also think book shopping is a huge stress reliever too you know? It’s just relaxing. Okay, I’m starting to ramble on about how much I agree with you :/. This was a fun post though! Thanks for sharing!

    1. haha,I agree. Shopping is a great stress reliever. The activity in itself is as enjoyable as making the actual purchases and taking the books home.Thanks so much for visiting and commenting:-)

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