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Book Review: The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

kept womanBlurb from goodreads

The latest novel in the Will Trent series from No. 1 bestelling author, Karin Slaughter.

A body is discovered in an empty Atlanta warehouse. It’s the body of an ex-cop, and from the moment Special Agent Will Trent walks in he knows this could be the most devastating case of his career. Bloody footprints leading away from the scene reveal that another victim – a woman – has left the scene and vanished into thin air. And, worst of all, the warehouse belongs to the city’s biggest, most politically-connected, most high-profile athlete – a local hero protected by the world’s most expensive lawyers. A local hero Will has spent the last six months investigating on a brutal rape charge.

But for Will – and also for Dr Sara Linton, the GBI’s newest medical examiner – the case is about to get even worse. Because an unexpected discovery at the scene reveals a personal link to Will’s troubled past. The consequences will wreak havoc on his life and the lives of those he loves, those he works with, and those he pursues.

But Sara’s scene-of-the-crime diagnosis is that they only have a few hours to find the missing woman before she bleeds out . .


The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter is yet another book that I requested form NetGalley without knowing that it is part of a series. As a matter of fact, it is actually the eighth book in the series. So this review is based on my thoughts about the book without any prior knowledge of the series or the characters.

The first chapter starts at a crime scene. There is a dead ex-cop and clues indicating that a woman left the scene. It is also pretty obvious that the missing woman lost a lot of blood at some point. The first twist is revealed then when the identity of the woman is discovered. The investigators now rush to put together the pieces and solve the mystery at the scene while also looking for the missing woman before she dies from the excess blood loss.

The Book Sections: The first section was pretty much about the investigation. There were details on the search for the missing woman and the processing of the crime scene. I didn’t like this section much. However, the second section was delightfully different. It was so fast paced with so much happening that I had a difficult time putting the book down even for five minutes. New twists emerge that give answers to the first section of the book. In fact, this narration basically covers events that took place before the crime. It is fast-paced and thrilling. The third section goes back to the present events after the crime has occurred. It is also quite fast-paced with numerous twists that I didn’t see coming.

The Narration: The book has multiple narrators. Will, who is one of the detectives, is the first narrator. We get to see things from his perspective which was interesting due to his involvement in the investigation and the other characters (both good and bad). Sara is another narrator. She is the Medical Examiner who also happens to be Will’s girlfriend. This adds an interesting dynamic to the narration because we get to read about her relationship with Will and how the investigation affects them. Faith is also one of the narrators. I didn’t connect much with her as a narrator or character. There are other narrators whose identities I can’t reveal because of the fact that they are part of the big twist in the story.

The Characters: Despite the fact that I met the characters in this book. I was able to connect with them. If anything, I was able to go into the book with no prejudgment. For instance; I know most of people of who have read the series hated Angie from the get go. However, it was interesting to get to know her through the pages. The end was still the same though, I loathed her. I liked the fact that the character’s background stories were shared through the chapters hence giving more details about them. I don’t really feel like I missed much by not reading the other books in the series. The character development was pretty solid. These characters were real and easy to relate with. Of course, there were also twisted characters who I loathed but they did a great job of spicing up things and making the book more interesting.

There was a twist and a main event towards the end which included a hostage situation. It had everything from suspense, tension and all that. After this we get to see the character’s lives after the dust settled. I am not a fan of neat, wrapped-up endings. So I wasn’t too keen on this part but I did like the fact that the very last sentence was a cliffhanger. The Ending.

The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter is a great, fast-paced suspense novel. It is perfect for fans of kept-2both mystery/suspense and police procedurals. As I mentioned before, the fact that I haven’t read the other 7 books in the series did not affect me (as far as I know). I was able to connect with the characters and enjoy the story. I do recommend this novel and I believe that it can be read as a standalone. Nevertheless, I am now on a quest to find the other 7 books.

About the book

  • Hardcover, UK, 560 pages
  • Published July 14th 2016 by Century (first published June 14th 2016)
  • Original Title: The Kept Woman
  • Series: Will Trent #8
  • Source:NetGalley
  • My Rating: 4.5 stars


The Will Trent series
• Triptych (2006)
• Fractured (2008)
• Undone (2009), Genesis (UK/Australia title)
• Broken (2010)
• Fallen (2011)
• Snatched (2012, ebook novella)
• Criminal (2012)
• Busted (2013)
• Unseen (2013)
• The Kept Woman (2016)

11 comments on “Book Review: The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

  1. doddyaboutbooks
    September 24, 2016

    Great review, thank you! This book has been popping up all over the place. Sounds like a fun ride!

    • Diana
      September 24, 2016

      Thanks.Its really interesting.If you enjoy thrillers then you might like the series 🙂

  2. I wish the publishers on NetGalley would put whether a book is part of a series or not. I’ve been burned more than a few times.😟 I’m so glad this one worked out for you Diana. I read a couple of Karen Slaughter’s early books, but I really need to catch up.

    • Diana
      September 24, 2016

      Yeah,I wish they would give that indication.The descriptions used mostly make the books look like standalones.Glad this worked out well though.I’ve had some bad experiences with books that I didn’t enjoy because of not having read the other books in the series.Thank you and I hope you find some interesting books by her.

  3. M @ A Blog Of One's Own
    September 24, 2016

    Great review! And wow, it can be so frustrating to end up with a book you didn’t know was part of a series :/ I’m glad it worked out well regardless in this case!

    • Diana
      September 24, 2016

      Thanks a lot.Yeah I got lucky with this one 🙂

  4. Donna
    September 25, 2016

    The same thing happened to me with Black Widow. I had no idea it was part of a series! I am glad it did not prevent you from enjoying the story 🙂 I added the first book in the series to my urgent wishlist, I really want to see why everyone is so enthusiastic about this series. Great review 🙂 as usual!

    • Diana
      September 26, 2016

      Thanks Donna. Interestingly, I read and reviewed Black Widow but never found out that it was part of a series until now. I guess that happens a lot with NetGalley.

      If the rest of the books in this series are as good as this one then I can vouch for them. This was an interesting read and Karin Slaughter writes really well. I hope that you will enjoy the series:-)

  5. Annie
    September 26, 2016

    I’m still on #3,I love Will, but Angie… ugh. You need to read the first one, it’s AMAZING. Twist after twist, I couldn’t believe it…

    • Diana
      September 26, 2016

      I can’t wait to read the first one. I got the 6th book already but I don’t want to read the series like that so I hope to begin from the start. Thanks for the recommendation:-)

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