Hi everyone,just a brief update.As I mentioned in my WWW post last week,I am traveling.I am currently at the Countryside(Nanyuki-somewhere at the foot of Mt.Kenya) but will travel back to Nairobi tommorow before heading to Uganda.

I’ve tried keeping up with the blog this week but it has been hectic.Network has been unreliable here and so internet access is limited.In addition,I can’t comment on non-wordpress sites using my phone.Therefore,I’ve decided to stay away from the blog for the rest of the week.I do have three scheduled posts but my interaction with you’all will be limited until after next Tuesday.I’ll catch up with you then.

Bookish Update:

Recently finished:The Killing Game by J.S.Carol

Currently reading:Safe with me by K.L Slater



Cheers and do have a lovely week.

feature image

PS:safarini is Swahili for travelling.


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