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Book Review: Love You to Death (Detective Ruby Preston #1) by Caroline Mitchell

love-you-to-deathAbout the Book

‘I’m not your mother. You’re a monster. I don’t want you’

Women who gave a child up for adoption are being killed. A knock at their front door begins a nightmare from which they will never wake up.

For Detective Ruby Preston and her team, it is a race against time to connect the dots before the killer can strike again. But when Ruby receives a sinister email, the case takes a terrifying personal twist.

Could the clues to the identity of the killer lie in Ruby’s own past?

Who can she trust with her secrets?

And could Ruby be next?


Love you to Death by Caroline Mitchell is the first book in a series featuring Detective Ruby Preston. In this story, Ruby and her team are trying to catch a serial killer who is targeting women who have given up their kids for adoption. The case gets even more complex when the serial killer starts stalking the lead detective in the case.

In this book, the author introduces readers to one of the most twisted and nuttiest serial killers. Lucy is cold, calculating and truly disturbed. She stalks her victims and shows no mercy to anyone who crosses her path. She also seems to relish in causing destruction and preying on the emotions of distraught mothers.

The story is narrated through multiple POVs. Ruby provides insight to the investigation. Through her narration, we also find out about her complex private life and association with a ‘mob’ family. Lucy’s POV took us through her stalking of each victim and the murders. The reasons behind her actions were quite chilling but what I found even most disturbing is how she viewed her victims. In one scene, she couldn’t stop laughing as she committed the gruesome crime. Another POV was by Nathan, one of the men in Ruby’s life. This added another dimension to the detective’s character and enabled readers to get some background into her life.

Ruby is a complex character. As a detective, she is not so straight and some of her decisions and actions definitely raise eyebrows. However, her flaws made this a more intriguing read. I like her background story with Nathan and his ‘gangster’ family although I didn’t care much about the other affair that she was having. Her relationship with Nathan definitely added to the intrigue of the story because they are on opposite sides of the law and the connection was definitely a threat to Ruby’s career. I liked the relationship though despite all its complexities.

Love you to Death by Caroline Mitchell is a fast-paced thriller that will especially appeal to fans of police procedural. The author, Caroline is a former police detective and this is evident in her writing. The investigation is quite realistic and well detailed such that it was easy to follow the case. I think that this book will also appeal to fans of shows like Criminal Minds due to the profile of the serial killer and the investigation.

I would like to thank NetGalley, the author and Bookouture for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the book



5 comments on “Book Review: Love You to Death (Detective Ruby Preston #1) by Caroline Mitchell

  1. Annie
    November 29, 2016

    I loved the relationship with nathan too, that was very “cinematic”, I don’t know how to explain it. And I enjoyed the case resolution as well! Lucy was sooo creepy!

    • Diana
      November 29, 2016

      Yeah, Nathan and Ruby sort of made sense unlike the other relationship:-) Lucy is definitely memorable. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Annie:-)

  2. Donna
    December 2, 2016

    I have heard Lucy makes for a brilliant serial killer. I love that there are other things going on in addition to the investigation. It always makes a story more realistic. I love discovering characters through different aspects. Great review!

    • Diana
      December 3, 2016

      Lucy is definitely creepy and crazy,she totally fit the role that she plays.Thank you 🙂

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