My Husband The Stranger by Rebecca Done

husband stranger.jpg

A tragic accident. A terrible injury. And in a moment, the man you fell in love with is transformed into a total stranger. How would you cope? What would you do? Would you be strong enough to stay? But what if you found out that it wasn’t an accident at all…?


My Husband The Stranger by Rebecca Done is the second book that I have read by this author. The first one was This Secret We’re Keeping. It was a well-written book covering a taboo topic of a teacher-student relationship at the heart of the story.  I was so impressed by Done’s writing that I totally had to check out her newest book. I am so glad that I did because this turned out to be quite an amazing read.

The story begins with Alex and Molly after Alex’s accident. The two are trying to cope with life after the accident that left him with a head injury that altered his personality. Alex can’t really take care of himself so Molly has to do a lot of things for him as she also copes with the new, unlikable man that she is married to.

It was easy to dislike Alex. I mean, I know he had an accident and couldn’t help how he acted but damn, I did not like him at first. He was moody, angry most of the time and just mean to Molly. On the other hand, Molly was likeable and sympathetic. I can’t imagine what her life must have been like. I mean, she got married to this wonderful man who after three years turns to this horrible, unrecognizable person. Alex is not the man that she got married to but she is still determined to stay with him.

The story started out a bit slow as I got familiar with the characters. In addition to Alex and Molly, their immediate family members also play a key role in the story especially Alex’s twin, Graeme. The story is brilliantly narrated from Alex and Molly’s point of views through alternating chapters. Molly’s narrations are about the present life after the accident. On the other hand, Alex’s PoV is about the past taking us through life since he met Molly up to the time that the accident happened. I enjoyed both POVs and truly think that they were interwoven perfectly. I wanted to know what happened in the past but at the same time, the present happenings were interesting. I usually have a favorite PoV when reading books with multiple narrators but I can’t decide with this one. Both were perfect!

My Husband The Stranger by Rebecca Done has a bit of mystery. As mentioned in the blurb, there was a possibility that Alex’s accident wasn’t an accident after all.  This is one of the reasons I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. In addition, I kept wondering how the marriage would work out. Will Molly eventually leave? Will Alex ever change back? There were so many questions to keep me totally engrossed in the book. I loved everything bit of it including the ending. Parts of the story were so sad; others made me smile while others had me feeling apprehensive. This book is brilliant and I recommend it to everyone. If you haven’t read Rebecca Done’s books yet then you need to start now. I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.


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