June Wrap-up (July TBR)

Goodbye June

I think my monthly TBRs are becoming increasingly ambitious as months go by. I never seem to hit my reading goals anymore. My goal for this month was to read 13 books. However, I ended up reading 8 books which is still okay since most of them were good reads. So here is what I read:


African Literature

Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta

Legal Thriller

Justice Delayed by Marti Green

Historical Fiction

Defiance by A. L Sowards


Psychological Thrillers



Liar by K. L Slater

Two Sisters by Kerry Wilkinson

Part of Silence by Debbie Howells

Contemporary Fiction


Secrets of Southern Girls

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

All the above highlighted titles are linked to my reviews.

Pending books from June TBR:

I didn’t manage to read the following books in June:


Fourth Monkey by J. D Barker (Currently reading)

The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Lesley Welsh

Unsub by Meg Gardiner

Alphonse by Carl Sever

All Good Things by Clare Fisher

These titles will all be read sometime in July.

July TBR


Okay, so July is my birthday month. Yay! I will be turning a year older on 3rd. No plans yet but will see how it goes. I am excited that I won’t be working next week though. I have been in employment for the past 9 years (2 companies so far) and somehow, I have always managed to avoid working on my birthday. My little way of treating myself.

Here are the seven books on my July TBR:


Breakdown by B. A Paris

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

Beneath Copper Falls by Colleen Coble


Leopard at the Door by Jennifer McVeigh

Then She was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Reported Missing by Sarah Wray


Book Club Read for the month


Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John

NetGalley Santa

So yeah, that is twelve books. I bet I will still end up reading about 8 but I really hope to get through all twelve since that will help me reduce my ARCs and hopefully focus more on my own books in the coming months.

Interestingly though, I stopped requesting books from NetGalley but I still end up with ARCs because I just can’t say no to new offers. I have just added three more books following email offers from publishers whose books I have reviewed in the past. You know those emails that come with a pre-approved link? That is my weakness lately. I know they are not real gifts but it does feel like they are lol so I just accept them especially if they sound interesting. Like these three:

If I Die before I wakeIf I Die before I wake by Emily Koch

Everyone believes Alex is in a coma, unlikely to ever wake up. As his family debate withdrawing life support, and his friends talk about how his girlfriend Bea needs to move on, he can only listen.

But Alex soon begins to suspect that the accident that put him here wasn’t really an accident. Even worse, the perpetrator is still out there and Alex is not the only one in danger.

As he goes over a series of clues from his past, Alex must use his remaining senses to solve the mystery of who tried to kill him, and try to protect those he loves, before they decide to let him go.


Girl in Snow.png

Girl in the Snow by Danya Kukafka
As morning dawns in a sleepy Colorado suburb, a dusting of snow covers high school freshman Lucinda Hayes’s dead body on a playground carousel. As accusations quickly spread, Lucinda’s tragic death draws three outsiders from the shadows.

Oddball Cameron Whitley loved—still loves—Lucinda. Though they’ve hardly ever spoken, and any sensible onlooker would call him Lucinda’s stalker, Cameron is convinced that he knows her better than anyone. Completely untethered by the news of her death, Cameron’s erratic behavior provides the town ample reason to suspect that he’s the killer. Jade Dixon-Burns hates Lucinda. Lucinda took everything from Jade: her babysitting job, and her best friend. The worst part was Lucinda’s blissful ignorance to the damage she’d wrought.

Officer Russ Fletcher doesn’t know Lucinda, but he knows the kid everyone is talking about, the boy who may have killed her. Cameron Whitley is his ex-partner’s son. Now Russ must take a painful journey through the past to solve Lucinda’s murder and keep a promise he made long ago.
Other GirlThe Other Girl by Erica Spindler

Miranda and her partner are called to investigate the murder of one of the town’s most beloved college professors, they’re unprepared for the gruesomeness of the scene. This murder is unlike any they’ve ever investigated, and just when Miranda thinks she’s seen the worst of it, she finds a piece of evidence that chills her to the core: a faded newspaper clipping about a terrible night from her long-buried past. Then another man turns up dead, this one a retired cop, and not just any cop—Clint Wheeler, the cop who took her statement that night. Two murders, two very different men, two killings that on the surface had nothing in common—except Miranda. 15 years ago.

And when her fingerprints turn up at the scene of the first murder, Miranda once again finds herself under the microscope, her honesty and integrity doubted, her motivations questioned. Alone again, the trust of her colleagues shattered, Miranda must try to trust the instincts she’s pushed down for so long, and decide what’s right—before it’s too late

So from NetGalley requests to NetGalley Santa, my personal bookshelf will remain neglected in July but hopefully that will change in August.

Happy new month.Happy July.