The Accident by S. D Monaghan

The Accident.jpgOne mistake could change your life forever. Tara has it all. Married and about to move into her dream home, she can’t explain why she is tempted by one last fling with her ex before she settles down.

David would do anything for Tara. So when he finds her with another man, his world starts to crumble around him. Ryan isn’t prepared for the punch David throws at him. Stumbling, he slips over the balcony and falls three storeys to the patio below.

In one split second a man will be killed. In one split second David and Tara’s life will change forever. How far would you go to save everything you have?


I was looking for an addictive, fast read when I picked this thriller and that is how the story started out. It begins on a high note on the night when David found out that his wife was having an affair with Ryan. As explained in the blurb, David punched Ryan sending him tumbling down from a three storey building.  The drama begins right from the first chapter.

There is so much that happens in the story to build up tension. I could feel the frustration and terror as Tara and David’s lives got shuttered in just that one night. In addition, there are subplots within the main story. Without giving away a lot, let me just say that there were ‘friends’ with selfish motives, suspicious characters, neighbors not staying on their side of the fence, a murder to cover-up, police showing up uninvited… the drama was full-swing.

The story is narrated through two POVs. There are alternating chapters between David and Tara which helped in moving the plot forward and providing the missing puzzle pieces. The writing was quite addictive. I couldn’t put down the book until the last page. In addition, the author did a great job in providing the backstories of the MCs without taking the focus away from the main events. Another thing that stood out for me is the small cast of characters in this crazy story. There are like only four MCs with a handful support characters. This made it easy to focus on the people at the heart of the story.

However, I felt like the story was a bit rushed. I know, I know… I wanted something fast but not that way. Things were just getting crazier and I got lost a couple of times.I think that this is the kind of story that requires suspension of belief.The suspense was still there for the most part but something was missing. Another issue that I had was that I didn’t like any of the characters. Some characters were more unappealing than others but generally, I couldn’t  connect or sympathize with any of them.

Nevertheless, I still recommend this thriller to fans of psychological thrillers. If you enjoy stories that have multiple plot-lines that you may like this one. In this story, one of the plot-lines is about a marriage in trouble. There is also a murder and an attempt to get away with it plus people who aren’t what they seem and another action-packed story-line that I won’t mention so as not to spoil the book for those who haven’t read it. All these story-lines are intertwined to create this entertaining thriller.

19 thoughts on “The Accident by S. D Monaghan

  1. Great review Diana! I get how a story can feel rushed and I get the suspension of belief thing it’s like in Tana French’s ‘The Likeness’ you have to sort of push your beliefs aside and enjoy the story that way even though some things might not be possible in real life.

    1. Interesting you should mention that particular book. I just received The Likeness as a book gift this week :-)It will be my first book by French. And yeah, sometime you just have to go with the flow even if things don’t sound very realistic.

      Thank you 🙂

  2. This one sounds so good! I get what you mean about wanting a fast read but not a rushed one! You still need time to get to know the characters, let your brain work out the events, and immerse yourself in the story! Great review!

  3. I agree that character connection is so important to feel immersed in a story. With that missing for you as well as the rushed pace I can see why this may have missed the mark a little for you. It sounds like the author was trying to do to much! Great review Diana:)

    1. Thanks Renee. Yeah, it ended up not being what I expected. It was entertaining though but it could have been better with a well-balanced pace.

  4. Excellent review.. there seems lots to be going on and I like many different storylines but it looks like it went a bit overboard and too crazy.. I think I’d still be able to enjoy perhaps if I’m feeling the need to read and go with the flow, not overthinking everything. I can do it with movies so maybe also with a book? It would be nice to find out 🙂

    1. lol I think it would work.Do try it out. The multiple story-lines is part of the reason why the book felt rushed. The author had to connect and resolve all conflicts in one book so things had to move fast.

      I enjoyed the book though so I still recommend it despite struggling with a few issues.

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Oh shoot! I have this one coming up soon and I’ll have to lower expectations… A rushed feel and unlikeable characters doesn’t sound all that promising and too many different storylines can get distracting.

    1. I hope that you will be one of those readers who enjoy it. It does have some good reviews on goodreads so hopefully it won’t be a struggle for you. I will look out for your review. Happy reading 🙂

  6. Yep, I agree with your review. I enjoyed, but it became to “crazy” and lost steam for me!

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