Review:Wicked Fallout (Pretty Wicked #2) by Kelly Charron

wicked falloutConvicted of six murders when she was just fifteen, the notorious Ryann Wilkanson hasn’t been able to act on her darkest, deadliest urges for twelve years. She’s exhausted her appeals and has little hope of ever getting out of prison and back to hunting.

Until a media-hungry legal team mounts a campaign to do the impossible—get her immediately released with a commuted sentence.

Forensic psychiatrist Nancy Clafin has mere weeks to evaluate Ryann’s current mental state against her grisly past to determine if she’s changed. But under the shadow of her own questionable history, it’s not easy to separate her personal life from her professional duty.

At least that’s what Ryann is counting on.

Behind the cold steel doors of a Colorado maximum-security prison, will Nancy find a cold-blooded killer or a newly redeemed woman determined to right her past wrongs?


Wicked Fallout by Kelly Charron is the second book in the Pretty Wicked series. However, this book can be read as a standalone as it contains a lot of the information about the first book. We get to rehash details about Ryann’s crimes mainly through the sessions with her shrink as she revisits each of the crimes that Ryann committed.

The story is narrated through the two POVs. Ryann’s narrations contain information about her imprisonment. We get to learn about her life behind bars and her relation with other inmates. However, for the most part, we learn about her current appeal as her relationship with her shrink takes center-stage in this nail-biting page turner. The other narrator was Nancy. I liked the fact that her story wasn’t just about Ryann. Nancy’s life is in a bit of a mess and this provides a second although minor story-line. Her personal and professional life intersperses and this helps in understanding her interactions with Ryann.

The tension in this book was quite high. At some point, I felt like rushing to the end to see how things work out. Will Ryann get out or will Nancy make a recommendation against her release? As the story progressed, so did the tension as we learn more about Ryann, twelve years after her killing spree. I liked the fact that the characters from the first book are also present in this one. They all play a role in the case. Most don’t want her to get out. Needless to say, this made me even more invested in the case. I just needed to know Ryann’s fate.

Wicked Fallout by Kelly Charron is a brilliant psychological thriller. The villain in this series is different. She was only fifteen when she became a serial killer. Her character is what makes this series so addictive. This book has the perfect ending. The kind that leaves you screaming at the characters. I can’t wait for the next book. I have a feeling that the series will keep getting better. If you enjoy psychological thriller, you really do need to start reading the Pretty Wicked series.

You can read my review of the first book, Pretty Wicked, here.

16 thoughts on “Review:Wicked Fallout (Pretty Wicked #2) by Kelly Charron

  1. A fifteen year old villain and female, interesting! This novel seems to push you to make up your own opinion if she should be released or not and you’ll only know in the end if you were right or you should feel guilty. Original and I’m definitely interested!

    1. The villain is definitely unique. The interesting thing is, as a reader, I knew whether or not Ryann should be released. Her narrations helped make this clear. However, I didn’t know what the psychologist would decide so that is where the tension was. I kept guessing until the end.

      Thank you 🙂

  2. This is one of those books you have to go check out what happened in the end. Love the review, would love to add it to my reading list.

    1. Thank you Booksarge. Yeah, such books tempt you but its only that you can’t go check the ending. The tension really escalated to the last page though. If you are ever in the mood for a YA mystery, I recommend this one.

  3. Ohh I read the first one, it was a good read but I hadn’t thought about it until now so I guess that means it didn’t stay with me hahaha Im glad this sequel was good though 😀

    1. Yes, the readers know everything that is happening since we get both narrations from psychiatrist and inmate but its hard to guess the decisions that the two make or how they react to each other so it ended up being tense to the last page.

  4. I can’t deny this book sounds fascinating! Although you did have me at serial killer… I really have to look into this series. Great review!

    1. I will look out for your review. I agree with you. She did make it work. I enjoyed the direction that the series took. At first I was nervous about the changes. I thought this one would be boring since it seemed to focus on Ryann and Nancy only in jail but I love how the author managed to keep it interesting and that ending was perfect.

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