Review: The Surrogate by Louise Jensen @bookouture


Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents, and are on the point of giving up. Then a chance encounter with Kat’s childhood friend Lisa gives Kat and Nick one last chance to achieve their dream.

But Kat and Lisa’s history hides dark secrets.

And there is more to Lisa than meets the eye.

As dangerous cracks start to appear in Kat’s perfect picture of happily-ever-after, she realises that she must face her fear of the past to save her family…




Happy publication day!

Louise Jensen has become one of my favorite authors. Her previous titles, The Sister and The Gift were both brilliant. In my opinion, The Surrogate is her best book… I have a feeling that I will say the same thing about her next book. Honestly though, her books just keep getting better.

In this story, Kat desperately wants to be a mom. After failed adoption attempts, she decided to try out surrogacy especially when an old friend offered to be the surrogate. It sounds straight forward right? That is what I thought. I read the first chapters with a feeling of foreboding. I kept waiting for something to go wrong. I knew that something would but just didn’t know what and when. However, all my assumptions were dead wrong. There was absolutely nothing that was straightforward in this book. I couldn’t have predicted the twists and turns that came as the story progressed.

The story is narrated through dual timelines and narratives. The then is not only narrated by one person but by two. I kept wondering why the author used two narrators until the connection became apparent. Have you ever shouted at a book? I remember the exact moment when the realization dawned on me and the connection became clear. I was shouting, heart racing, furiously turning pages in disbelief mixed with anticipation. It was a brilliant twist.

Louise Jensen kept the twists coming up to the last page and the ending was so chilling that I had to check and confirm that all my doors and windows were locked before I could sleep. This book has everything that makes a perfect thriller. It has a set of unlikable yet addictive characters. The twists are unpredictable and I just loved how everything came together in an explosive conclusion. The prologue had already set the tone for the book but I couldn’t have guessed the ending. I had to get to the final chapter to understand what the prologue was all about.

The Surrogate by Louise Jensen is a must read for all fans of this genre. If you enjoy a good, thrilling, memorable book with lots of twists, you definitely have to read this one. If you haven’t read of the author’s previous titles, you are missing out on a great reading experience and you should definitely rectify that. Highly recommended!



22 thoughts on “Review: The Surrogate by Louise Jensen @bookouture

  1. I have heard of this author and her books but never read them. I love how you said that she gets better with each book and how she puts unpredictable twists everywhere. That’s a big plus! This is not a book I’d typically read or check out but I’ll make sure to check it out further now! Great review Diana!

    1. Yay, Glad to hear that I have convinced you to consider the book. Louise’s books are fantastic. If you are ever in the mood for a psychological thriller, check out one of hers.

      Thanks Nikola 🙂

  2. Now this sounds like a book worth giving a try. I’m not a fan of thrillers but basing your review, I’ve been intrigued to try out at least one if not this particular book. Great review!

    1. I am glad to hear that Lindah. Its a really interesting, addictive read. Whenever you decide to try out a psychological thriller, consider starting with this one :-).

  3. This is not a book that I would choose to read immediately.. I have little feeling with these sort of stories as I don’t have kids or a wish to have them, but it sounds really good, I might have to put my feelings aside after all, this one could surprise me. Great review Diana!

    1. I hope that you will decide to read it Inge. I don’t have kids either but the book doesn’t just revolve around the surrogacy. Its more than that. The characters and other background stories are what makes it a suspenseful read so don’t let the kids aspect put you off.

      Thank you 🙂

    1. This Sister was great. The Gift and The Surrogate are different in their own ways but I really think that you will enjoy them if you get a chance to read them 🙂

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