Review: The Mistake by K. L Slater@bookouture

The Mistake

Eight-year-old Billy goes missing one day, out flying his kite with his sister Rose. Two days later, he is found dead.

Sixteen years on, Rose still blames herself for Billy’s death. How could she have failed to protect her little brother?

Rose has never fully recovered from the trauma, and one of the few people she trusts is her neighbour Ronnie, who she has known all her life. But one day Ronnie falls ill, and Rose goes next door to help him… and what she finds in his attic room turns her world upside down.

Rose thought she knew the truth about what happened to Billy. She thought she knew her neighbour. Now the only thing she knows is that she is in danger…


Happy publication day!

I have read previous titles by K. L Slater that I really enjoyed.  Needless to say, I was elated to I find out that the author had written a new book.

The Mistake by K. L Slater is narrated through two timelines through Rose’s POV. In one of the timelines, we go back sixteen years to a time when her life drastically changed. In the second timeline,readers get to catch up with Rose in the present. In the sixteen years period, She has changed a lot. However, the past still haunts her.

Sixteen years ago, her kid brother, Billy, went missing before his body was later discovered. I was curious to know what happened back then. The past narrations were addictive and so tense. They began before Billy’s disappearance and so we get to see the tension build up. Knowing that something bad will happen to Billy filled me with apprehension. I needed to know the why, when and how. In the present narrations, the secrets from the past emerge as the truth is revealed.

The characters in this book had such strong personalities. The author crafted them in such a way that they get into your mind and occupy your thoughts even when you are not reading the book. I liked some of them like Cassie. I was torn about Rose. I loved Billy and really disliked some of the other characters. This book elicited different emotions  hence making me more invested in the unfolding drama.

The Mistake by K. L Slater is a fast-paced, addictive read. I was surprised by some of the themes that came up especially in the past narration. However, they were masterfully tackled and helped in making this book as suspenseful as it was. I couldn’t have predicted the final twist. I thought I had figured out the direction that the story was taking but I was pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was. This book Is the perfect whodunit. If you enjoy psychological thrillers then you should definitely check out K.L Slater books.