Request Declined! When NetGalley says no!

I have been a member of Netgalley for over a year now. Since I joined the site, I have received over a hundred ARCs (167 to be exact). I have read many amazing books through the site and discovered new authors. I have also been auto-approved by publishers which still feels surreal.

However, not all my requests have been approved. Quite a high number have been rejected for various reasons. So I got the idea for this post from Zuky, the Book Bum and decided to do a post about the rejections that I am saddest about.

Book Rejections that I am saddest About

Declined requests elicit different reactions. Sometime, I don’t feel too bad because I can’t even recall why I had requested a title in the first place. Other times, a declined request brings some relief because of the overwhelming number of pending ARCs. However, there are declined requests that totally sting.


ITS MEUnderstandably, publisher can’t approve all requests due to various reasons such as copyright restrictions, sometimes it is because they have reached their maximum number of approvals or as some say, ‘It’s not personal at all, it’s only because we have to be selective about sending out these advances.’

Nevertheless, declines don’t always feel great (who am I kidding, lol). Below are my top ten recent (hard to accept), saddest declined requests:





Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

I have read all previous titles by Kubica. I love her books especially Pretty Baby. I really wanted this ARC but I guess I will have to wait just a bit longer until it is locally available for purchase.





The Treatment by C. L Taylor

I loved The Escape by C.L Taylor. Unfortunately, my request for this book was rejected…TWICE! I am now waiting to read a few reviews before deciding whether or not to get the book.



copy cat.png


Copy Cat by Alex Lake

I wanted to read this book because I enjoyed the author’s previous title, After Anna. Unfortunately, the ARC didn’t come through.




The following are books that I wanted to read after reading great reviews about them. I tried to get Marsh King’s Daughter twice and failed… twice.



marsh kingThe Marsh King’s Daughter by Karen Dionne


I first saw this book on NetGalley and immediately requested it. They said No. Then after a while, I saw it again under a different publisher and again, my request was declined.

After reading a couple of reviews, its one book that I am keen on reading and definitely plan on grabbing a copy as soon as I can.



Becoming Bonnie by Jenni Walsh

My blogging friend, Annie, wrote a superb review about this book. You know that excitement that you get when your friend loves a book so much and you know for sure that you will love it too? Yeah, I got that feeling but NetGalley said no.



The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

This is one book that I feel like everyone got apart from me.  I just wasn’t so lucky.



The following three books are also recent rejections. They are all popular books that I am still keen on reading someday.

Best Intentions by Erika Raskin

The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis

I See You by Claire Mackintosh





So these are my saddest, recent rejections. Have you read any of these books? Would you recommend them?

Which are your saddest NetGalley rejections? Do you buy the titles that you are declined immediately(pre-order) or wait until you read some reviews?