Throwback Thursday: Carrie by Stephen King


This weekly feature is hosted by Renee(Its Book Talk). Throwback Thursday offers a way to share some of our old favorites as well  as sharing books that we are finally getting around to reading that were published over a year ago.


About the Book

Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed… But one night at her senior prom, Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many, and in a fit of uncontrollable fury she turned her clandestine game into a weapon of horror and destruction…


Carrie is my second book by Stephen King. I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to read it. I am not really a fan of horror so that made me a little worried because the book is categorized as horror. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Carrie tackles the theme of bullying and religion. As mentioned in the blurb, Carrie was bullied in high school. There are some scenes that were shocking and devastating illustrating just how mean the kids were to her. Carrie’s mum is a religious fanatic. She is equally mean to her daughter using religion as a guise. King does an excellent job tackling these themes and bringing the characters alive through the story.

The narrative style was a little confusing at first. It contains different elements such as police interviews, witness accounts, first person POVs by different characters and all these are interspersed throughout the book. However, once I got the flow, I was able to enjoy the book even more. The narrative style makes it seem like a real, historical event being documented instead of a fictitious story.

Carrie is a fairly short book with only 190 pages. Although, categorized as horror, It wasn’t scary for me. The destruction and imagery towards the end definitely presents some really creepy scenes though. However, I think this may be scarier as a movie than a book.

I liked how King covered the different themes though. One of the sentences that stood out for me was, we were just kids This was said by one of the high school students who  bullied Carrie. It made me think about bullying. I mean, do the perpetrators even feel guilty later on? Do they realize the effect of their actions on the victims? Do they regret later on in life? Or do they justify it as, just being kids? Carrie by Stephen King is an emotional, thought-provoking read. It was King’s first book and his writing skills definitely shone through the chapters. I can’t wait to read Green Mile soon.

Have you read this book? Are you a fan of Stephen King? Which of his books would you recommend to a reader like me who is not very familiar with his works?




24 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Carrie by Stephen King

    1. wow, I didn’t know about the movies until I read the comments on this post. I have just watched he trailer for the 2013 edition and it looks super scary especially the prom scene. Its so different from the book though but in a good way. I definitely need to watch the movie. Thanks and I hope that you will get the chance to wtach the movie someday.

    1. I definitely need to watch the movie. I have just watched the trailer and it looks really good. Thanks and I hope that you will get the chance to read the book someday.

  1. I’ve only read his nonfiction book called On Writing, which was excellent, and the first 3 in the Dark Tower series. I plan to continue that series next year. I’ve only seen the movie (the older version) of Carrie. I’m glad it worked for you as a book! I think Stephen King is very talented.

    1. I have heard so much about his book on writing. I hope to read it someday. I can’t wait to watch the Carrie movies. Thank you. I am really enjoying his writing.

  2. Loved the movie, those first scenes are so sad to watch (i don’t know if it’s the same in the book). You’ve made me want to read it although I already know the story. And just a month ago I bought the DVD 😀

    1. The first scene in the book is the shower scene which is so shocking and sad, I guess its the same in the movie.I watched the movie trailer though and it definitely looks scarier than the book in my opinion, especially the prom scene. I really can’t wait to watch it 🙂

  3. Hi Diana, fantastic review! I’m a HUGE King fan and really recommend his book The Green Mile which is one of my favourites. It was made into a film with Tom Hanks too, I don’t know if you’ve seen it? Another classic of his is The Shining.

    1. I have heard good things about The Green Mile. It will definitely be the next book that I read by King. Thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t watched the movie so I hope to do so immediately I finish reading the book.

      Yet to read The Shining too so I have added that to my list also. Thanks Beth.

  4. SHIT SHIT SHIT!! I’m so happy you reviewed this one because I was wondering what should I read of Stephen King and this was an awesome review you did there 😀 I love shocking and horror novels in general, looking forward to read this !

    1. hahaha well Damn Trang, your first sentence had me a little worried 😀 I think that you will love Carrie. Definitely give it a try when you get a chance and then watch the movie. I hear its really good too.

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