Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl by Tracy Quan

Call GirlDiary of a Manhattan Call Girl is a wonderfully intelligent, sexually frank, rollicking novel that introduces us to Nancy Chan, a turn-of-the-millennium call girl who lives and works on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Nancy is full of contradictory desires; she frequently has to choose between making love and making money. On good days, she gets to do both. Surrounded by devoted, wealthy, and powerful johns, some of whom want more than just sex, and caught between two all-consuming call girl friends who complicate her life, Nancy navigates the tricky currents of the world’s oldest profession. With one foot in the bedrooms of her rich and demanding clients and one in the straight world of her unwitting fiancé, who has started to apartment-hunt and arrange a wedding, Nancy keeps her two worlds from colliding in her inimitable style.


Mh, now where to begin? Okay, so I decided to read this book because I wanted something totally different. To be honest, I needed a book that didn’t have anything to do with death. So I figured that a story about a call girl, with that cover will definitely help me meet my objectives. In addition, the title of this book reminded me of a TV show that I used to like, Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Like the TV show, this book is written in a diary format. Nancy Chan is the MC. She is a working girl whose family doesn’t know what she does for a living. In addition, Nancy is engaged and yeah, her boyfriend doesn’t know about her secret life. From the first page, it was obvious that a scandal was bound to happen.

One thing that kept me turning pages is the secret. I knew that Nancy’s secrets would come to light soon but I didn’t know when and how and I couldn’t wait to find out. I like a good scandal and this one seemed perfect. In addition, I was curious about the girl’s back stories. I wanted to know how they got into prostitution and why.

In the end, I have mixed feeling about this book. I can’t even pinpoint exactly why. The writing was okay, it wasn’t graphic but there was something missing. In addition, I totally disliked the ending. It felt like sudden rain on a sunny day. I wanted more but unfortunately, this one just didn’t meet my expectations. It was a fun, light read though and nobody died in the story so at least that worked out well for me.

8 thoughts on “Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl by Tracy Quan

  1. I think you’re so used to the thrill and the turns and surprise endings.. it does sound interesting though and something completely different. I don’t think I could find anything ‘new’ in this novel so I don’t know if I’d pick this one up, but I really like the cover 🙂

    1. I am. I think I was looking for twists even in this one. I wanted a big reveal when the MCs secret life would be exposed causing chaos etc lol. It definitely was different from my usual reads though. haha that cover sure is something 🙂

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